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New Library Prep Products Improve Sequencing Results

Three new kits offer TruSeq technology for a wider range of research applications

New Library Prep Products Improve Sequencing Results

Academic researchers and core laboratories studying disease biology and performing basic research often use exome sequencing as part of their work. Exome sequencing, which targets the region of the genome that codes for proteins, is often a faster and more affordable way to explore genetic association with disease than whole-genome sequencing. It is often used in areas where mechanisms of disease are yet unknown, or poorly understood, including cancer and other complex diseases. This type of study can help researchers identify variants associated with disease in both academic and translational research settings.

Illumina’s new TruSeq Exome and TruSeq Rapid Exome Library Prep Kits offer researchers new cost-effective options that enable robust data analysis from a broad range of sample types. The kits also consolidate library prep, enrichment and sequencing sourcing, allowing customers to multiplex up to 12 samples, and run them together on most Illumina sequencing systems. The enrichment options offer the highest quality and most economical solution, balanced in performance and speed.

Additionally, the TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input kit is a completely re-engineered amplicon sequencing solution, which is now compatible with difficult to sequence samples, such as limited or degraded samples. It also better accommodates oncology tumor profiling and FFPE tissues, enabling deep sequencing with smaller sections of the genome. The kit offers an easy-to-use, quick and scalable solution designed to provide unmatched data quality when paired with Illumina sequencers.

“Illumina’s suite of products offers researchers a choice of sequencing kits depending on their specific scientific and clinical needs,” said Fraz Syed, Senior Product Manager of Illumina’s enrichment portfolio. “These kits, used in conjunction with Illumina’s sequencers, offer the most comprehensive sequencing options on the market today. Everything you need – from library prep to sequencing to data analysis – is there for you.”

The TruSeq Library Prep kits provide customers with seamless workflow solutions that can help make the entire next-generation sequencing process as convenient as possible. By developing compatible solutions for library preparation, sequencing and data analysis, Illumina is enabling researchers to use a single vendor and easy-to-complete workflow.

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