What’s new in DRAGEN v3.7: Single Cell RNA, PrecisionFDA accuracy gains, and more

Illumina Webinar

Webinar Speakers

Shyamal Mehtalia
Principal Engineer
Illumina Inc.

Shyamal Mehtalia is Principal Engineer at Illumina Inc. He is currently part of the Product Development group focusing on Customer Collaboration and Innovation with a focus on Secondary Analysis and Informatics development on the DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform. He drives key technical customer engagements for enabling Illumina’s secondary analysis solutions and provides support to Sales and Commercial organizations. He joined Illumina in May 2018 as part of the Edico Genome Corp. acquisition which invented the DRAGEN platform where he served as Director of Operations for 3 years. Previously he worked as a Manager at Broadcom Corp. in the Mobile Wireless Group and leading a team for 3G and 4G firmware development for Cellular Modems. Prior to that he held various R&D roles for System Design and Wireless signal processing for Cellular chipset development at Texas Instruments Inc.. Shyamal Mehtalia holds a Master degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&MUniversity.

Webinar Abstract

Learn about the latest DRAGEN features and accuracy improvements from Principal Engineer, Shyamal Mehtalia. With the release of DRAGEN v3.7, we take a major step forward by expanding our capabilities to include Single Cell RNA analysis, full UMI support, and a targeted CYP2D6 caller. In addition to all of the new features with this release, we’ve also introduced substantial accuracy gains in both germline and somatic pipelines. For germline small variant calling, you’ll see the innovations that powered our prize-winning accuracy performance in the PrecisionFDA Truth Challenge V2 in this release, including a graph capable reference genome. We also introduce notable accuracy gains in our somatic pipeline, including a 5x reduction in false positives compared to DRAGEN v3.6 in tumor only mode.

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