Informative markers and flexible content on proven array platforms

Microarray Service Technology

Illumina FastTrack Services uses Infinium whole-genome genotyping and methylation arrays as well as custom iSelect arrays. It is equipped with proven Illumina array scanning systems to help researchers unravel the complex genetic architecture behind diseases. Additionally, in-house software SNP selection and analysis tools optimize data precision and research scalability. Customers benefit by receiving high-quality data from proven technologies best tailored to the needs of their research.

The following table outlines Illumina FastTrack Services proven success with each technological platform.

Key Highlights of Past Performance Processed Samples Sample Success Rate (from blood extracted DNA) Average Call Rate
Infinium Services Projects 394,387 98% 99.6%
Methylation Service Projects 3,600 95% 99.5%
FastTrack Microarray Service Technology

Providing high-quality data and content flexibility for genotyping, the Infinium genotyping assay drives the targeted consortia microarrays, cytogenetic microarrays and our iSelect custom microarrays. The Omni family offers an expanding selection of flexible arrays featuring only the most informative common and progressively rare variants for genome-wide analysis. Powerful markers selected from the International HapMap and 1000 Genomes Projects are included with input from thought leaders in the human genetics research community.

Increasing the flexibility of the platform, the Omni family of microarrays can be enhanced with hundreds of thousands of markers of custom content. Additionally, researchers can design their own microarray, using 3,000 to 700,000 custom variants with the iSelect microarray platform. Both platforms offer a range of sample configurations per array to maximize high-throughput power while minimizing the cost-per-sample.

Using the Infinium genotyping technology, Illumina offers focused content for non-human organisms, including both animal and plant species. Through the agriculture consortia, a broad-range of agrigenomic applications can be designed to advance research, screening methods and deployment of these applications in the field.

Illumina genotyping platforms enable a simple, flexible, and fast workflow that is fully automated and traceable through the FastTrack Services lab information management system (LIMS). This comprehensive offering is ideal for bio-repositories (biobanks).

Illumina FastTrack Services has been highly successful in reliably producing high quality Infinium genotyping data as depicted in this table.

Infinium Service Projects Average
Sample Success Rate 98%
Locus Success Rate >99% on standard products
Call Rate 99.6%
Reproducibility 99.99%
Heritability (Trios) 99.98%

The Infinium Methylation Assay provides quantitative methylation measurements at the single CpG site level, offering high resolution for understanding epigenetic changes. Learn more about array-based methylation analysis.

Large-Scale Methylation Studies

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Infinium Array Technology

Watch the Infinium array animation video.

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The Infinium Technology

GenomeStudio software consists of several assay-specific modules, integrated into a single platform which provided a set of graphical and data visualization features to display results generated by different platforms. GenomeStudio modules cover the spectrum of Illumina array based applications including genotyping, methylation and immunoprotein assay analysis.

More specifically, the GenomeStudio uses data generated using Infinium assays and performs primary analysis such as raw data normalization, clustering, and genotype calling. The methylation module identifies methylation signatures across the entire genome and analyzes differences between experimental groups. It provides a wide range of graphics and visualization tools.

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FastTrack Services deploys the HiScan and iScan systems to image all microarray service offerings. These cutting-edge array scanners support rapid, sensitive, and accurate imaging of Illumina BeadChips for high-quality genetic analysis results. Both systems support our broad portfolio of innovative genetic analysis assays for genotyping, CNV analysis, and DNA methylation. Additionally, these systems are fully integrated with Illumina LIMs to maintain sample traceability.

iScan System
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