Benefits of NGS Targeted Resequencing

Over the past decade, molecular biologists and translational researchers have focused on the identification of somatic or germline DNA variants. While quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) and Sanger sequencing have played a key role in these variant identification studies, they have limitations.

Today, NGS is paving the way for more efficient and comprehensive variant detection methods, while advancements in NGS technology have made it more accessible than ever. 

Our targeted NGS guide provides a review of how targeted NGS can help you gain greater insight in your studies, save time, and be more confident in your results. The guide will show you how you can take your research where you couldn’t before—simpler, quicker, and more efficiently.

Topics include

  • Why now is the time to consider targeted NGS?
  • When does targeted resequencing make the most sense?
  • Benefits of targeted resequencing vs qPCR and Sanger Sequencing
  • Introduction to Illumina targeted NGS solutions