Nextera DNA Library Preparation Kit

Nextera DNA kits provide a fast and easy library prep workflow, delivering whole-genome sequencing libraries in under 90 min.Read More...
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Library Prep

Nextera DNA Library Prep Kit (24 samples)



Nextera DNA Library Prep Kit (96 samples)



Index Adapters

Nextera Index Kit (24 indexes, 96 samples)



Nextera Index Kit (96 indexes, 384 samples)



Illumina Free Adapter Blocking Reagent (12 reactions)



Illumina Free Adapter Blocking Reagent (48 reactions)



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Nextera DNA Library Preparation Kits provide a fast and easy workflow, enabling sequencing-ready libraries to be generated in less than 90 minutes, with less than 15 minutes of hands-on time. Samples prepared with Nextera kits are compatible with all Illumina sequencers.

With Nextera technology, DNA is simultaneously fragmented and tagged with sequencing adapters in a single step, using standard lab equipment. Ideal for precious samples available in limited quantity, the protocol requires only 50 ng of DNA input.

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Nextera DNA Flex Library Prep Kit

Our latest library preparation solution provides the fastest, most flexible library prep workflow in the Illumina portfolio. The Nextera DNA Flex Library Prep Kit is ideally suited to a wide range of whole-genome sequencing applications, from human whole-genome sequencing to amplicons, plasmids, and microbial species.

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Nextera DNA Flex Library Prep Kit


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