Bring Genomics from Disease Focus to Health Focus


Dr. Noura Abul-Husn, Vice President of Genomic Health, is focused on bringing the 23andMe genetics product into clinical care. She is thinking about how genetic information can contribute to keeping people healthy, preventing and diagnosing disease, and managing genetic conditions or genetic risks. Noura sits down with Illumina scientist and Dr. Janina Jeff to talk about moving legacy healthcare systems from a reactive state that is disease focused to a proactive state of health focused. They explore challenges and barriers, what it takes to scale, the benefits for patients in the genome era, and what the future of genomics looks like. Subscribe to the Illumina video channel A global genomics leader, Illumina provides comprehensive next-generation sequencing solutions to the research, clinical, and applied markets. Illumina technology is responsible for generating more than 90% of the world’s sequencing data.* Through collaborative innovation, Illumina is fueling groundbreaking advancements in oncology, reproductive health, genetic disease, microbiology, agriculture, forensic science, and beyond. *Data calculations on file. Illumina, Inc., 2015. View customer spotlight videos View Illumina webinars View Illumina product videos View Illumina support videos Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: #Genomics #GenomeEra #Illumina #BetterHumanHealth #23nMe #HealthFocus, #WomenInSTEM #IGF #IlluminaGenomicsForum #LightboxConversations