Illumina Connected Insights

Confidently connect your genomic analysis workflows

Connected Insights harnesses extensive knowledge sources via powerful API-integrations for streamlined variant interpretation, including prioritization of relevant clinical trials, drug labels, and guidelines. User-defined control of the workflow enables a flexible and automatable path for reporting. Connected Insights helps you address the interpretation bottleneck and move precision medicine forward.

streamlined and integrated genomic analysis, powered for growth

Harness the power of API-integrated knowledge sources into a single solution to bring insights to diverse applications. Customize your analysis settings, then automate to go faster.


Remove unnecessary touchpoints and manual data movement for your NGS workflow. Seamless and secure, upstream and downstream.

Powered for growth

Keep pace with comprehensive test options that enable diverse variant and biomarker analyses. Expand test menus and scale volume without increasing headcount and interpretation resources.

We help you achieve


Generate insights from 45+ knowledge sources via a single interface via API-calling.

Private curation

Grow and manage your laboratories' private curated knowledge.


Configure assays in your lab's SOP for fast automation and scale.


Evolve with confidence, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of assay types— panels, exomes, genomes, and beyond.


Reflect regional and lab-specific practices for guidelines, clinical trial availability, and more in the user-defined data interpretation flow.


Ensure data security, privacy, and compliance are in check across the entire workflow.

Key applications

DNA variants

Identify key DNA variant types (SVs, MNVs, exon-level CNVs, indels, fusions, tandem repeats) relevant in multiple disease types and across a variety of NGS assays.

RNA variants

Analyze variants from RNA (fusions, splice variants, and soon transcriptomics) to gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of malignancies.

Biomarker signatures

Uncover more insights by interpreting genome-wide, pan-cancer biomarker signatures (TMB, MSI, HRD) with increasing relevance to precision medicine.

Data security and compliance

High standards of data privacy and protection

To meet the most stringent security requirements, Illumina Connected Insights platform is built with security and compliance at its core. Read the data sheet for more details*.

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ISO 27001 Certified logo

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* ISO 27001 certification expected by July 2023.


screenshot of Workflow Configuration Options
Workflow configuration options

Configure once with a fine level of granularity to match your lab’s standard operating procedure (SOP). Accelerate your workflow with automation and standardization according to your SOP.

screenshot of Lab Curation
Lab curation

Grow your lab’s private knowledge base with every case and instantly interpret cases against your historical experience. Your curated knowledge is private, secure, and always at your fingertips.

screenshot of Streamlined Reporting
Streamlined reporting

Customize based on lab name, lab branding, sections, fields, and more. Move sections and add or delete sections. Easily edit reports without data reingestion.

Software Preview

screenshot of software overview

Quickly view key findings, coverage, and quality in a consolidated format. Intuitively access deeper evidence sources with a streamlined user interface design.

screenshot of variant filter

Control variant filters using extensive available options to match your exact SOP. Accelerate case turnaround time with efficient review and variant triage.

screenshot of variant grid

Easily filter and sort for variant prioritization for your case. Maximize efficiency by focusing on variants that are most likely to be associated with a disease or condition.

screenshot of consolidated variant details

Stay focused on up-to-date and comprehensive variant-related details. Consolidate variant insights into assertions with full editing options and customizable outputs for your reports.

Product contents and related resources

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llumina Connected Insights data sheet

Read how Connected Insights streamlines, integrates, and powers molecular pathology laboratories for scale and growth.

Connecting knowledge to clinical data at scale

Key opinion leaders discuss the ongoing challenges and future potential of NGS in clinical oncology.

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