Patient Access

Driving the Positive Progress of Genomics for All

We are relentless in our pursuit to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. We also recognize that our efforts mean little if people and places lack access to our technology. Our motivation to make the world a better place is fueled by knowing we can have a positive, direct impact on the lives of people around the world. There is urgency to our mission because we understand the potential that today’s discoveries have on tomorrow’s patients. There is a vital need to make genomic technology and precision medicine available to all, regardless of social status, income, or geographic location. Through innovation, philanthropy, education, and collaboration, we will break down barriers and continue to seek new ways to drive progress in genomics for all.

The Power of iHope

iHope Program

Inspiring Hope for Patients with Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases

iHope is a philanthropic program that provides access to clinical whole-genome sequencing (cWGS) for patients who are financially unable to obtain comprehensive genetic testing. iHope aims to reduce the diagnostic odyssey, increase awareness of the power of cWGS, and build momentum for its use as a first-line test for families with children facing rare and undiagnosed genetic diseases.

  • 850 patients since program inception
  • 40-70% of patients receive a diagnosis after cWGS
  • Up to 50% of cases have a change in clinical management
  • 28 iHope clinical sites worldwide

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Accelerating Access for Communities

Illumina is committed to improving access to genomics. We seek to galvanize partners, payers, and patients around the power of genomics during this journey to accelerate access for all.

In 2018, Illumina entered into a collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield Association to evaluate the use and availability of DNA sequencing and genomic testing. Preliminary results from the evaluation have highlighted the following:

  • There are variabilities in utilization of genetic testing across different geographies and across different clinical applications. These cannot be explained by variability in coverage policies alone. Such variabilities could lead to disparities in outcomes and costs.
  • In certain geographies, this variability can be explained by regional availability of genomic sequencing facilities.

At Illumina our mission is to unlock the power of the genome for all. We have to ensure that everyone in need has access to sequencing and that their genome can be interpreted in the appropriate context of others that share their racial and ethnic background. Both region and social distance can result in health disparities as new technologies are introduced in medicine. Illumina is working with its partners to identify and help reduce barriers in order to improve broad access to sequencing. As genomic information is increasingly used to improve outcomes, Illumina is committed to work towards equitable access.

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