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2021/02/25 BioPharma Reporter German program using whole genome sequencing to diagnose rare diseases and cancer risk
2021/02/25 Kaiser Health News Have a Case of a Covid Variant? No One Is Going to Tell You
2021/02/17 Cambridge Independent Illumina Accelerator Cambridge announces four chosen genomics start-ups and £20m match-funding pledge
2021/02/17 Bloomberg Technology Illumina's deSouza on Tech Growth and Need for a Bio Force
2021/02/17 Associated Press Government rushes virus gene-mapping as mutations spread
2021/02/16 Dallas Innovates ‘Highly Selective’ Illumina Accelerator Picks Dallas-Based Doloromics for its Second Funding Cycle
2021/02/12 CNBC Squawk Box Illumina CEO on the hunt to find Covid-19 variants
2021/02/12 GenomeWeb NovaSeq, China Instrument Sales Help Illumina Get NGS Business Back on Track in Q4
2021/02/12 ABC 10 News (San Diego) In-Depth: Breaking down the COVID-19 variants
2021/02/11 BioWorld Industry, universities unite to scale up surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 variants
2021/02/09 Science U.S. rushes to fill void in viral sequencing as worrisome coronavirus variants spread
2021/02/09 ABC 10 News (San Diego) As COVID-19 variants surge, San Diego's Illumina leads race in discovering dangerous mutations
2021/02/08 GenomeWeb Illumina Adds Nine Startups to Accelerator Program, Announces £20M Matching Fund
2021/02/08 Business Weekly (Cambridge, UK) £20m boost as Illumina unveils more genomics startups for Cambridge and US accelerator
2021/02/08 Semana (Argentina) Argentina detecta casos de variantes del coronavirus
2021/02/08 MD+DI Genomics Leader Illumina Revs up Its Company Creation Engine
2021/02/06 ProPublica Why Opening Restaurants Is Exactly What the Coronavirus Wants Us to Do
2021/02/06 Perfil (Argentina) Llegó al Malbrán el 'CovidSeq', secuenciador que permite "vigilar" al Covid-19
2021/02/06 El Tiempo (Argentina) Argentina adquiere una máquina para detectar mutaciones del covid-19
2021/02/04 GenomeWeb Belgian Society of Medical Oncology to Study Value of Genomic Profiling for Cancer Patients
2021/02/04 Precision Oncology News Belgian Society of Medical Oncology to Study Value of Genomic Profiling for Cancer Patients
2021/02/04 FinancialDirector Illumina CFO on using genome tech to beat pandemic
2021/02/04 BioPharma Reporter Belgian trial to evaluate potential of genomic profiling of a patient’s cancer to guide personalized treatment options
2021/02/03 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Genomic Visions: Where Are We Now?
2021/02/02 The Guardian 'We were in the dark': why the US is far behind in tracking Covid-19 variants
2021/02/01 BioSpace Illumina Partners with Sequoia Capital for its 3rd Life Science Incubator, This One in China
2021/02/01 Fierce Biotech Illumina, Sequoia Capital launch genomics startup incubator in China
2021/02/01 Seeking Alpha Illumina surges after patent win; announces collaboration in China
2021/01/31 GenomeWeb Illumina, Sequoia Capital China Partner on Genomics Incubator in China
2021/01/31 Times of San Diego Illumina Launches Startup Incubator in China, With Funding to Open in Fall
2021/01/29 Washington Post Why America is ‘flying blind’ to the coronavirus mutations racing across the globe
2021/01/29 GenomeWeb Genomics England Preps for NHS Genomic Medicines Service Launch With New Focus, Tools
2021/01/26 Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology World New Genome Sequencing Lab Unveiled in Lagos, Nigeria
2021/01/25 Tagesschau Daily News (Germany) Illumina’s NovaSeq 6000 appears in Tagesschau daily news (Germany)
2021/01/22 Fierce Biotech Illumina CEO says U.S. lags behind on catching COVID-19 mutations: CNBC
2021/01/22 CNBC Squawk Box Program ‘Chances are high’ the South African Covid variant is in the US: Illumina CEO
2021/01/22 Facing Forward with Margaret Brennan Facing Forward podcast interview with Illumina CEO, Francis deSouza
2021/01/20 GenomeWeb Illumina Wins UK Patent Infringement Suit Against BGI, Affiliates
2021/01/18 Channel 5 (Fox) - San Diego Strain linked to Bay Area outbreaks detected statewide, including in San Diego County
2021/01/16 CBS News U.S. races to catch up with other countries in COVID-19 sequencing research
2021/01/15 MarketWatch Fear of new virus variant pushes U.S. toward more genomic sequencing
2021/01/15 NBC News Inside a UK lab tracking Covid variants
2021/01/14 Wall Street Journal (video) The Coronavirus Is Mutating. Here’s What We Know
2021/01/13 Clinical Lab Products Illumina Partners with 4 Companies to Advance Genomic Profiling for Oncology
2021/01/13 Clinical Lab Products Myriad Genetics, Illumina Form Strategic Partnership in Oncology
2021/01/12 Fierce Biotech JPM: Illumina inks multiple cancer diagnostic partnerships to complement upcoming Grail acquisition
2021/01/11 Bio-IT World Illumina at JPM: Cloud Analytics Platform, More Diagnostics Focus, Sequencing Updates To Come
2021/01/11 CNBC Closing Bell Illumina CEO on 2021 outlook and tracking new coronavirus strains
2021/01/11 MedCity News Illumina, Helix track spread of more contagious coronavirus variant
2021/01/11 FirstWord MEDTECH Illumina to launch new bioinformatics solution
2021/01/11 Precision Oncology News Multi-Cancer Molecular Screening Assays Primed for Clinical Implementation in 2021
2021/01/11 GenomeWeb Illumina CEO Discusses Pan-Cancer IVD Assay, CDx Collaborations at JP Morgan
2021/01/11 Seeking Alpha Illumina announces strategic partnership with BMY, KURA, MYGN and Merck to advance comprehensive genomic profiling; provides 2021 guidance
2021/01/08 Channel 7 News (CBS - Bay Area) Bay Area company Helix tracking areas where new COVID-19 variant is spreading
2021/01/08 Wired How Fast Can Scientists Find the New Coronavirus Strains?
2021/01/08 GenomeWeb COVID-19 Mutations Present Unexpected Opportunities, Challenges for Molecular Diagnostic Developers
2021/01/07 WebMD New COVID ‘Super Strains’ Could Disrupt Life Again
2021/01/06 Precision Vaccination Collaboration Launches to Assess the Prevalence of Coronavirus Variant
2021/01/06 New York Times U.S. Is Blind to Contagious New Virus Variant, Scientists Warn
2021/01/05 Channel 5 (Fox) - San Diego 32 cases of new COVID-19 strain identified in San Diego County
2021/01/05 Channel 8 (CBS) - San Diego 32 COVID-19 variant cases now identified in San Diego County
2021/01/05 WebMD CDC Hopes to Double Tests for New COVID Variants
2021/01/05 GenomeWeb Illumina, Helix Collaborate on CDC-Coordinated Coronavirus Surveillance
2021/01/05 Times of San Diego San Diego’s Illumina Announces Collaboration to Identify COVID-19 Variants
2021/01/05 GenomeWeb New York Study Aims to Assess Utility of Clinical Whole-Genome Sequencing Across Diseases
2021/01/04 BFM Television (Lyon, France) Covid-19 : le variant du virus étudié à Lyon
2020/12/17 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Illumina, Emedgene Launch AI-Based Rare Disease Interpretation Partnership
2020/12/16 GenomeWeb Illumina, Emedgene Partner on Automated Genomic Data Interpretation
2020/12/16 Bio-IT World Emedgene Automated Interpretation Software Integrated Into Illumina TruSight Software Suite
2020/12/09 GenomeWeb Illumina, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Ink Risk-Sharing Deal for Whole-Genome Sequencing
2020/12/03 Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News Large, Clinical, Sequencing Initiative Hopes to Uncover Genetic Disease Risk
2020/12/03 WCBS News Radio 880 (New York) Wanted: Volunteers to donate DNA for advancement of personal health care
2020/12/03 GenomeWeb Illumina, New York Healthcare Providers, NYGC Partner on Clinical Whole-Genome Sequencing
2020/12/02 GenomeWeb China NMPA Approves Illumina NextSeq 550Dx Sequencer for Genetic Testing and Diagnosis
2020/12/01 GenomeWeb UnitedHealthcare to Cover NIPT for Average-Risk Pregnancies
2020/12/01 GenomeWeb Illumina, PierianDx Expand Partnership on Cancer Panel Test Reporting
2020/11/13 Investor's Business Daily Wild Ride For Illumina Stock Shows Promise, Challenge Of Multi-Cancer Blood Tests
2020/11/13 Fierce Biotech Microsoft, Illumina, Twist ally to make big data small by weaving it into DNA archives
2020/11/12 SeekingAlpha Twist Bioscience and Illumina part of alliance to advance DNA data storage
2020/11/12 Genetic Engineering & Biotech News Illumina, Microsoft, Twist Lead New DNA Data Storage Alliance
2020/11/12 GenomeWeb DNA Data Storage Alliance to Work on Interoperability, Industry Roadmap
2020/11/12 GeekWire Microsoft helps found an industry alliance to advance DNA data storage systems
2020/10/30 BioWorld Illumina beats expectations in Q3, aided by sequencing consumables
2020/10/30 The Motley Fool Why Illumina’s Q3 Results Were Better Than They Might Seem
2020/10/28 Forbes How Human Genome Sequencing Went From $1 Billion A Pop To Under $1,000
2020/10/27 BioIT World Illumina Launches DRAGEN V3.7, Talks ML, Truth Challenges, All of Us
2020/10/16 NPR A Boy’s Mysterious Illness Leads His Family On A Diagnostic Odyssey
2020/10/15 Bloomberg Illumina and IDbyDNA Launch DNA Test That May Find Next Epidemic
2020/10/13 Washington Post Scientists have a powerful new tool for controlling the coronavirus: Its own genetic code
2020/10/12 Today News Africa $100 million pathogen genomics initiative launched in Africa
2020/09/21 New York Post Biotech firm Illumina buying Jeff Bezos-backed startup Grail for $8 billion
2020/09/21 Business Week Illumina’s $8bn holy GRAIL as it launches new era of cancer detection
2020/09/21 San Diego Times San Diego’s Illumina to Pay $7.1 Billion for Developer of Cancer Blood Test
2020/09/21 FierceBiotech Illumina to pay $8B to reacquire cancer blood test maker Grail, with all eyes on 2021
2020/09/21 The Street Illumina Scoops Up Bezos-Backed Cancer-Detection Company Grail
2020/09/21 Reuters Illumina to buy Jeff Bezos-backed cancer testing firm Grail in $8 billion deal
2020/09/21 Investor's Business Daily Illumina Announces $8 Billion Acquisition Of Former Cancer-Testing Spinoff Grail
2020/09/21 San Diego Union-Tribune Illumina to reunite with Grail for $8B in bold bid to detect cancer earlier
2020/09/21 GenomeWeb Grail Deal Will Enable Illumina to Expand From Tech Innovator to Diagnostic Provider
2020/09/21 TechCrunch Illumina buying cancer-screening spinout Grail in blockbuster $8B biotech deal
2020/09/21 ClinicalOMICs Illumina to acquire GRAIL for $8 Billion
2020/09/15 The Age State-based genomic screening labs to be united in $3.3m project
2020/09/08 Weekly Technology Times Genomic Medicine Applications Have Potential To Improve Health Care
2020/09/07 Disrupt Africa Nigerian startup 54gene partners with US firm Illumina to launch Lagos genomics facility
2020/09/03 Africa Business Magazine Illumina collaborates with 54gene in the creation of a world-class genomics facility in Nigeria
2020/08/12 The Hindu CSIR moots ‘mega labs’ to boost COVID-19 testing
2020/08/02 Financial Times Pandemic provokes new wave of funding for healthcare start-ups
2020/07/07 GenomeWeb Illumina Looking to Streamline Genomic Interpretation With Two Informatics Acquisitions
2020/06/27 The Age COVID-19 spotlight prompts calls for genomics roadmap
2020/04/14 The Naked Scientists The Coronavirus Mutation Situation
2020/04/07 Spiegel Pilotstudie zu neuem Corona-Testverfahren nahe München gestartet
2020/03/26 National Geographic How coronavirus mutations can track its spread—and disprove conspiracies
2020/02/07 CNBC Illumina CMO on working with China on coronavirus cure
2020/02/07 The Smithsonian How Simple Blood Tests Could Revolutionize Cancer Treatment
2020/01/13 CNBC ILMN CEO at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference
2020/01/03 The Wall Street Journal Illumina, Pacific Biosciences of California End Plans to Combine
2019/12/03 Yahoo! Finance ArcherDX Announces Partnership with Illumina to Develop In-Vitro Diagnostic Tests
2019/11/11 ClinicalOMICS Lexent, Illumina Enter Partnership for Cancer Monitoring Liquid Biopsy Kits
2019/10/16 NPR A Boy's Mysterious Illness Leads His Family On A Diagnostic Odyssey
2019/10/09 Yahoo! Finance Illumina Inks Deal to Commercialize NGS-Based IVD Kits
2019/09/30 ClinicalOMICs Illumina and the Broad Co-Developing Open-Source Secondary Analysis Software
2019/08/30 WIRED One Scientist’s Quest to Bring DNA Sequencing to Every Sick Kid
2019/08/29 Chasing the Cure Debra and Delaney Found Their Diagnosis
2019/08/29 CBS Decoding DNA: Rady Children’s doctors use genomic medicine to save young lives
2019/08/27 San Diego Magazine Susan Tousi: First San Diego woman to lead product development at a $47 billion company
2019/08/19 Fortune 2019 List of Companies Changing the World
2019/06/17 ComputerWorld Illumina shines through IT empowerment
2019/05/08 CNBC Human lifespan could soon pass 100 years thanks to medical tech
2019/05/01 CBS Genomic Sequencing Giving Precise Diagnosis
2019/02/28 San Diego Union Tribune How diversity in science can benefit communities
2019/02/27 Bloomberg A $100 Genome Within Reach, Illumina CEO Asks If World Is Ready
2019/02/27 Slate Why Are We So Afraid of Each New Advance in Reproductive Technology?
2019/02/19 San Diego Union Tribune San Diego biotech company teams up with doctors to offer genome sequencing to Tijuana children
2019/01/08 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Illumina CEO Talks $100 Genome, Tariffs, and NovaSeq at J.P. Morgan
2018/12/05 BBC Faster diagnosis from 'transformational' gene project
2018/11/20 Fortune Business Person of the Year
2018/11/08 CBS Genome sequenced for bottlenose dolphin thanks to collaboration between SeaWorld San Diego, Illumina
2018/11/01 Reuters Illumina to buy rival Pacific Biosciences in $1.2 billion deal
2018/11/01 CNBC DNA sequencing giant Illumina just bought rival Pac Bio for $1.2 billion — here's why
2018/11/01 Forbes DNA Sequencing Giant Illumina Will Buy Pacific Biosciences For $1.2 Billion – Exclusive CEO Interview
2018/08/06 CNBC Illumina CEO on the growth of DNA sequencing
2018/07/20 San Diego Union Tribune Illumina continues to soar as its gene sequencers dominate the market
2018/06/10 The Washington Post Rapid genome sequencing could revolutionize health care for acutely ill babies
2018/05/22 The Atlantic Can Genetic Counselors Keep Up With 23andMe?
2018/05/17 Australian Story The Massimo Mission
2018/05/15 San Diego Union-Tribune Illumina buys start-up Edico Genome for $100M to help speed up genetic analysis
2018/04/26 TechCrunch The genomics-focused Illumina Accelerator backs five new companies
2018/04/19 WIRED Biotech gets some Silicon Valley shine at Illumina's new campus
2018/04/13 Forbes Bristol Partners With Illumina On Diagnostic Test To Use With Opdivo
2018/04/10 Reuters Loxo, Illumina to partner for diagnostic tool targeting cancer
2018/03/02 San Diego Union Tribune Busting myths about science
2018/02/12 San Diego Union Tribune Rady Children's Institute sets Guinness world record
2018/02/05 Smithsonian Now You Can Genetically Test Your Child For Disease Risks. Should You?
2018/02/03 The Guardian The DNA database that is key to beating our rarest diseases
2018/01/09 CNBC Illumina CEO: Seeing big growth in genomic testing
2018/01/08 Forbes Illumina Unveils $20,000 Desktop Sequencer Aimed At Sequencing Germs
2018/01/08 Bio-IT World Illumina Announces iSeq 100, Thermo Fisher Partnership
2017/11/21 Forbes Fighting Cancer One Patient At A Time
2017/10/12 Time Nobel Laureate: The Future of DNA Sequencing Will Be in the Palm of Your Hand
2017/09/20 CBS 8 San Diego DNA science leader Illumina debuts workplace of the future
2017/08/12 The San Diego Union-Tribune Genome leader Illumina expands again in San Diego
2017/08/08 Forbes The World’s Most Innovative Companies
2017/08/07 MIT Technology Review 50 Smartest Companies - Biomedicine: The 5 Smartest Companies Analyzing Your DNA
2017/06/27 MIT Technology Review 50 Smartest Companies 2017
2017/06/01 San Diego Magazine The Man Behind San Diego's $26 Billion Dollar Company
2017/05/22 CNBC Illumina CEO: When you invest in health research you actually create jobs
2017/05/22 CNBC Illumina CEO: When you invest in health research you actually create jobs
2017/05/09 Forbes America's Best Midsize Employers
2017/02/13 Fast Company The Most Innovative Companies of 2017 by Sector: Biotech
2017/01/10 CNBC Illumina CEO: On the Path to $100 Genome
2017/01/10 Reuters New Illumina Tech Could Usher in $100 Gene-Sequencing Era
2017/01/09 Fast Company Illumina Hopes its New Machine will Sequence a Human Genome for $100
2017/01/09 STAT Illumina Says it Can Deliver a $100 Genome — Soon
2017/01/09 San Diego Business Journal Illumina, IBM to Deploy Watson to Take on Cancer Treatments
2017/01/09 Forbes Illumina Promises To Sequence Human Genome For $100 -- But Not Quite Yet
2017/01/09 Forbes Illumina Adds IBM Watson To DNA Test For Cancer Patients
2016/12/01 Times of San Diego Illumina Joins Coalition Aimed at Identifying Undiagnosed Rare Diseases in Kids
2016/11/21 Fast Company Genetics Startup Helix Wants to Create a World of Personalized Products From Your DNA
2016/11/10 Bio-IT World Illumina, Mayo Work to Ensure Interoperability in BaseSpace Suite
2016/10/20 Bio-IT World Illumina Builds Africa GWAS Chip With H3Africa Initiative
2016/10/04 ABC News (Australia) - Catalyst Future Forensics
2016/09/19 Fast Company Illumina, Secret Giant Of DNA Sequencing, Is Bringing Its Tech To The Masses
2016/09/18 San Diego Union Tribune Genomics Event Moves to San Diego
2016/09/07 CNBC Genetic Testing is Becoming More Affordable
2016/08/15 Wired Illumina Would Like You to Sequence More DNA, Please
2016/07/28 Business Insider One of Apple's Most Important Execs Just Joined the Board of a $25 Billion Genetics Company
2016/07/26 Herald Sun The Test that Could Change Your Life: Genome Testing Available in Australia From the Garvan Institute
2016/07/20 Fast Company The Quest to Identify Vietnam's Unknown Soldiers Pushes the Limits of DNA Technology
2016/07/20 Forensics Magazine The Future of Forensic Genomics: Developmental Validation of NGS
2016/07/06 STAT Carl Zimmer's Game of Genomes
2016/07/05 Times of San Diego Francis deSouza Becomes CEO of San Diego-Based Illumina
2016/06/24 San Diego Magazine What's It Like to Be the CEO of the Smartest Company in the World?
2016/06/20 San Diego Union-Tribune Illumina's Flatley Speaks of Genomic Future
2016/06/17 Business Insider Jay Flatley Created a Market for DNA Sequencing from Scratch
2016/06/08 Bloomberg Germ Sleuths Go High-Tech as Labs Get Illumina Sequencers
2016/05/25 Australian Life Scientist Next-Generation Sequencer Registered in Australia
2016/05/12 Vermont Public Radio For One Vermont Man, Sequencing His Whole Genome Solved A Life Of Pain
2016/05/11 Medical Devices Business Review Illumina Registers MiSeqDx System in South Korea
2016/04/27 Fast Company Meet The New CEO Of The $22 Billion Genomics Company You've Never Heard Of
2016/04/21 Bio-IT World Illumina Opens BaseSpace Suite as End-to-End Solution for Genetic Testing Labs
2016/04/15 FierceBiotech Illumina Commits $100M to New Genomics-Focused VC Shop
2016/04/13 Forbes The Forbes Global Game Changers List: Bezos, Zuckerberg And More Business Leaders Transforming The World
2016/04/12 Xconomy Takeaways and Photos from Big Data Meets Big Biology in San Diego
2016/04/06 Bloomberg Bezos, Gates Chase Dream of a Blood Test that Detects Cancer
2016/03/07 Forbes Illumina CEO Jay Flatley Built The DNA Sequencing Market. Now He's Stepping Down
2016/03/01 Times Of San Diego Inspiring Young STEM Leaders Is Key to San Diego’s Future
2016/02/26 Wired Illumina, the Google of Genetic Testing, Has Plans for World Domination
2016/02/26 San Diego Union-Tribune Women Should also be Driving STEM Economy
2016/02/12 Business Weekly Illumina Backs UK-US Genomics Research Play
2016/02/10 Forbes Cancer Took His Wife. Now He's CEO Of One Of The Most Audacious Cancer Startups In Years
2016/02/05 FierceBiotechIT Illumina Signs Biobank Deals to Fuse Genome Data, EMRs
2016/01/26 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Illumina Acquires Conexio Genomics
2016/01/12 FierceMedicalDevices JPM: Illumina's Genomic Ambitions Fueled By Sequencing Tools and Technologies
2016/01/10 MIT Technology Review Illumina’s Bid to Beat Cancer with DNA Tests
2016/01/10 Forbes A Single Blood Test For All Cancers? Illumina, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos Launch Startup To Make It Happen
2016/01/08 Wheat Genome Sequencing Approach Aims to Revolutionise Crop Research
2015/12/30 2015 in Review: Genomics Leads the Way
2015/12/15 FierceMedicalDevices Illumina, bioMérieux Launch First Genomic Sequencing Service for Bacterial Infections
2015/12/14 GenomeWeb Illumina, Novogene Partner on NGS Dx Platform for China
2015/12/14 GenomeWeb Illumina TruSight RNA Pan-Cancer Panel
2015/12/11 FierceBiotechIT Illumina Invests in CRISPR Gene Editing Software
2015/12/11 HIT Consultant Illumina Accelerator Unveils Third Cycle of Genomics Startups
2015/12/10 CNBC Major Players in DNA Mapping
2015/12/10 CNBC Unlocking My Genome
2015/12/01 The Scientist Top 10 Innovations 2015
2015/11/24 KPBS San Diego Blood Donors Get Free Genome Sequencing
2015/11/18 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Illumina, iHART Launch Genomic Database for Autism
2015/11/12 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Almac Partners with Illumina on Companion Diagnostics
2015/11/10 Irish Times First Baby is Born in Ireland Using New IVF Technique
2015/11/03 KPBS San Diego Blood Bank Partners With Illumina For Genomics Research
2015/10/30 Clinical Lab Products Illumina Launches TruSight Tumor OncoPanel
2015/10/20 Clinical Lab Products A Clinical Future for Sequencing?
2015/10/16 Popular Mechanics The Exceptional: What Miraculous Recoveries Can Teach Us About Beating Cancer
2015/10/06 Times of San Diego Illumina Expands Low-Cost Gene Sequencing to Plants, Livestock
2015/10/05 FierceBiotechIT Illumina Readies Paid-for BaseSpace Tiers for Large Organizations
2015/09/30 San Diego Union Tribune Faster, More Precise Genetics Test for Babies
2015/09/30 Bio-IT World Speed Heals: The 26-Hour Diagnostic Genome
2015/09/16 FierceMedicalDevices Illumina, Sloan Kettering Partner to Develop Circulating Tumor DNA Diagnostics
2015/09/09 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Asuragen and Illumina Join Forces on Companion Diagnostics
2015/08/28 Nature The DNA of a Nation
2015/08/24 Bloomberg Private Equity Bets on Analyzing Your Genes
2015/08/05 Xconomy Illumina Announces Three New Companies for Genomics Accelerator
2015/08/04 StreetInsider Illumina (ILMN) to Acquire LIMS Platform Developer GenoLogics
2015/08/03 FierceBiotechIT First Startups Graduate from Illumina Accelerator as Deadline for Next Phase Nears
2015/07/30 The Washington Post Lockheed Martin Tackles Health Care, with a Little Help from its Friends
2015/07/13 The Washington Post Prenatal Tests Can Now Reveal Whether a Mom-to-be has Cancer
2015/07/01 FierceDiagnostics Genomics Giant Illumina Blueprints New Euro HQ/Science Center in Cambridge, UK
2015/06/24 MIT Technology Review 50 Smartest Companies 2015
2015/06/11 Wisconsin State Journal Illumina Expands its Madison Production Facility
2015/06/09 FierceBiotech Illumina Helps Add a $37M Twist on DNA Synthesis
2015/06/08 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Merck KGaA, Illumina, and Genea Form Fertility Alliance
2015/06/01 BioCentury ASCO Launches TAPUR Trial
2015/05/27 Forbes Finding The Right Drug For The Right Person At The Right Time With Companion Diagnostics
2015/05/06 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News The Big Data Addiction—NGS Has It Bad
2015/05/01 Wall Street Journal Ancient DNA Tells a New Human Story
2015/04/29 Forbes DNA Sequencing Market Will Exceed $20 Billion, Says Illumina CEO Jay Flatley
2015/04/27 Bio-IT World Bio-IT World Recognizes 2015 Best of Show Winners
2015/04/25 St. Louis Post-Dispatch New Technology at Wash U Maps Human Genome in Days; Large-Scale Studies Now Possible
2015/04/21 Wired The Future of Cancer Treatment is (Almost) Here
2015/04/10 San Diego Union Tribune San Diego Debuts on Nat Geo Channel
2015/03/20 KQED UCSF, White House Search for Better Treatments for Disease
2015/03/13 San Diego Union Tribune STEM Skills are Critical to San Diego's Burgeoning Genomics Industry
2015/03/10 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Illumina, Merck Serono to Partner on NGS-Based Cancer Diagnostics
2015/02/26 FierceMedicalDevices Illumina Accelerator Gets $40 Million Cash Infusion from Hedge Fund Viking Global
2015/02/23 Bio-IT World Illumina Introduces Automated Library Preparation
2015/02/23 The New York Times Building a Face, and a Case, on DNA
2015/01/30 San Diego Union Tribune Obama Unveils Precision Med Plan
2015/01/30 Forbes Obama's $215 Million DNA Sequencing Project Is A Great Idea
2015/01/30 Forensic Magazine Next-Gen Sequencing Maps 'Highly Degraded' DNA
2015/01/14 Fox Business Illumina CEO on the Genomics Revolution
2015/01/13 The Washington Post Lockheed Martin's Latest Health Partnership is Very Personal
2015/01/06 FierceDiagnostics Illumina Blazes into 2015 with Plans for New California Campus
2014/12/17 Huffington Post Welcome to the Future: The 8 Most Game-Changing Innovations of 2014
2014/12/01 The Scientist Top 10 Innovations of 2014
2014/11/19 Reuters Illumina Teams with US Government Researchers to Sequence Ebola
2014/11/12 San Diego Union Tribune Through Genomics, Parents Find Answers
2014/10/20 France 2 DNA: A Preventive Cure
2014/10/15 Nature Illumina Backs Three Genomics Startups
2014/08/21 Forbes Illumina Partners With Big Pharma To Create New Genetic Tests For Cancer
2014/08/20 Forbes Flatley's Law: The Company Speeding A Genetic Revolution
2014/08/19 Le Monde Illumina Defends Low Cost of DNA Sequencing
2014/07/31 Daily Mail Chemotherapy Will be 'Obsolete in 20 Years Time' Thanks to Genetic Revolution Which will Allow Personalised Treatment for Cancer Patients
2014/05/25 CNBC “The Edge” Detecting Illnesses...Before Symptoms Occur
2014/05/11 Xin Hua News Agency Face-to-Face with “Smartest” Genome Sequencing Company in the World
2014/05/08 CNBC Genetic Sequencing Illumina CEO Talks Growth
2014/03/25 re/code Illumina’s CEO on the Promise of the $1,000 Genome—And the Work That Remains
2014/03/11 The New York Times Test Is Improved Predictor of Fetal Disorders
2014/03/11 Bio-IT World What Should We Make of BaseSpace?
2014/02/26 Associated Press DNA Blood Tests Show Prenatal Screening Promise
2014/02/18 MIT Technology Review 50 Smartest Companies
2014/02/17 Bloomberg Businessweek Illumina and a Billionaire Want to Jump-Start Genomics Upstarts
2014/01/15 Bloomberg Businessweek Illumina's New Low-Cost Genome Machine Will Change Health Care Forever
2013/11/20 MIT Technology Review FDA Gives its First Okay to Next-Generation Sequencing Technology
2013/10/17 Business Insider How Illumina’s Gene Sequencing Technology Could Transform Healthcare
2013/06/20 Bloomberg U.K. to Pilot Illumina Genetic Test for Breast, Ovarian Cancer
2013/06/08 The Guardian What Happened When I Had My Genome Sequenced
2013/04/01 Forbes The 12 Most Disruptive Names in Business 2013
2013/03/27 Nature Genetics iCOGS Collection Provides a Collaborative Model
2013/03/19 Nature Gene-Analysis Firms Reach for the Cloud
2013/02/19 Xconomy The Reimbursed Personal Genome
2013/02/12 BioWorld Patients Take the Lead in Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing
2013/01/10 Time Could a Blood-Based Test Replace Amniocentesis?
2012/10/05 Drug Discovery & Development Managing Data in the Cloud Age
2012/10/03 The New York Times Infant DNA Tests Speed Diagnosis for Rare Diseases
2012/09/18 Reuters Illumina Gets 5 Year Contract to Identify Food Bugs
2012/08/30 Bloomberg Ancient Human Kin’s DNA Code Illuminates Rise of Brains
2012/08/22 The New York Times Father’s Age is Linked to Risk of Autism and Schizophrenia
2012/07/24 Xconomy Illumina, Leaning on Amazon, Looks to Be Hub of Genomic Computing
2012/07/09 The New York Times A New Treatment’s Tantalizing Promise Brings Heartbreaking Ups and Downs
2012/07/02 Bloomberg DNA Mapping of Alzheimer’s Patients Gives Deep Dive View
2012/06/13 Reuters Real-Time Gene Sequencing Used to Combat Superbug
2012/04/26 FierceBiotechIT Illumina to Open App Store for Genomics, Releases iPad App