Press Releases

年 : 2023

日付 タイトル
2023/11/14 イルミナが今後の投資家向けカンファレンスをウェブキャスト
2023/11/13 イルミナは、低中所得国における病原体シーケンスの加速をサポートするグローバルヘルスアクセスイニシアチブを開始
2023/11/01 イルミナ、固形がんの包括的ゲノムプロファイリングを可能にする新しいリキッドバイオプシーアッセイを発売
2023/10/13 Illumina responds to European Commission's divestiture order
2023/10/11 Illumina Posted a Stewardship-Focused Presentation for Investors
2023/10/05 Illumina to Announce Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results on Thursday, November 9, 2023
2023/09/29 イルミナ、医療機器として最高レベルのハイスループットシーケンサーNovaSeq™ 6000Dxシステムの登録を完了
2023/09/05 イルミナの取締役会、Jacob Thaysen博士を新しい最高経営責任者に任命
2023/08/28 イルミナが今後の投資家会議をウェブキャスト
2023/08/17 イルミナがソリューションセンターを開設し、インドのゲノミクス能力を拡大
2023/08/11 イルミナが今後の投資家会議をウェブキャスト
2023/08/09 Steven Barnard博士が最高技術責任者に任命
2023/08/09 イルミナ、2023年第2四半期の決算を発表
2023/07/25 イルミナとピラーバイオサイエンスが提携し、個別化がん治療オプションへのアクセスを改善
2023/07/18 Illumina to Announce Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results on Wednesday, August 9, 2023
2023/07/18 The Alliance for Genomic Discovery announces founding biopharma members: AbbVie, Amgen, AstraZeneca, Bayer, and Merck
2023/07/11 Illumina DRAGEN™ 4.2 delivers most accurate and comprehensive coverage of the genome, powering greater applications and discovery
2023/06/11 Illumina announces CEO transition plan
2023/06/05 Illumina releases 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
2023/06/02 Illumina's Board of Directors elects two experienced Independent Directors to Board
2023/06/01 Illumina unveils AI software to predict disease-causing genetic mutations in patients
2023/05/31 Illumina to Host Third Annual Virtual ESG Investor Event on Monday, June 12, 2023
2023/05/30 Real-world study data reveals better outcomes for cancer patients who receive comprehensive genomic testing
2023/05/25 Illumina announces preliminary results of annual meeting
2023/05/18 Illumina Board Chair issues letter to shareholders and urges shareholders to vote the WHITE proxy card FOR all nine of Illumina's nominees
2023/05/16 Illumina's genomic technologies enable better pathogen preparedness and response
2023/05/15 Illumina sends letter to shareholders detailing why Illumina's nominees far outmatch Icahn's slate in skills and experience
2023/05/12 Leading Proxy Advisory Firm ISS Recommends Illumina Shareholders Vote "FOR" Eight of Illumina's Highly Qualified Director Nominees
2023/05/08 Illumina Sends Letter to Shareholders Highlighting Board Strength, Weakness of Icahn's "Plan"
2023/05/02 Illumina increases equitable access to STEM education, reaching over 1 million learners
2023/05/01 Illumina Issues Shareholder Letter and Requests Shareholders Vote for the Illumina Director Nominees on the WHITE Proxy Card
2023/04/25 Illumina Reports Financial Results for First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2023; Announces Commitment to Accelerate Margin Growth
2023/04/20 Illumina Urges Shareholders to Vote the WHITE Proxy Card FOR all Nine of Illumina's Nominees
2023/04/12 Illumina's cloud-based informatics programs recognized for robust, international data privacy protections
2023/04/11 Illumina and Henry Ford Health team up to study impact of comprehensive genomic testing for cardiovascular patients
2023/04/05 Illumina celebrates 25 years of innovation
2023/04/04 Illumina to Announce First Quarter 2023 Financial Results on Tuesday, April 25, 2023
2023/04/04 Illumina's revolutionary NovaSeq X exceeds 200th order milestone in first quarter 2023
2023/04/03 Illumina Will Appeal FTC Decision in Federal Court, Will Seek US Resolution by Late 2023 or Early 2024
2023/03/30 Illumina Files Preliminary Proxy, Urging Shareholders to Vote for Its Director Nominees and Withhold for Each Icahn Group Nominee
2023/03/27 Illumina launches new software to enable tertiary analysis for oncology applications, and soon rare disease
2023/03/24 Illumina Issues Statement in Response to Carl Icahn's Letter
2023/03/20 Illumina Underscores Commitment to Shareholder Value and Responds to Carl Icahn's Statements
2023/03/14 Illumina launches its first product enabling long- and short-read sequencing on one instrument
2023/03/13 Illumina Responds to Icahn Partners' Nomination of Directors
2023/03/02 Illumina and Myriad Genetics expand partnership to broaden access to HRD testing in the United States
2023/02/28 イルミナ、日本法人ゼネラルマネージャーを任命
2023/02/27 Illumina To Webcast Upcoming Investor Conference
2023/02/08 Illumina delivers first NovaSeq X Plus sequencer to the Broad Institute
2023/02/07 Illumina Reports Financial Results for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2022
2023/02/01 Illumina Appoints Joydeep Goswami Chief Financial Officer
2023/01/10 Illumina to Announce Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 Financial Results on Tuesday, February 7, 2023
2023/01/09 Illumina and Nashville Biosciences Announce Sequencing Agreement with Amgen