Press Releases

年 : 2022

日付 タイトル
2022/07/14 イルミナ、世界で初めて科学的根拠に基づいたNet-Zero Target認証を取得
2022/06/22 Illumina Launches Research Test Codeveloped with Merck to Unlock Deeper Insights into the Tumor Genome
2022/06/10 イルミナ、革新的なカスタマーソリューションを推進させるためにAGBT総会で次世代製品とデータを発表
2022/05/24 Illumina Introduces New Pan-Cancer Companion Diagnostic to Match Patients with Rare Genetic Mutations to Targeted Therapy
2022/05/18 Illumina and Allegheny Health Network to Assess In-House Comprehensive Cancer Genomic Profiling to Enhance Patient Care
2022/05/10 イルミナ、包括的がんゲノムプロファイリングテストの承認申請を実施
2022/05/05 Illumina Reports Financial Results for First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2022
2022/05/05 Illumina and Deerfield Management partner to accelerate drug development
2022/04/28 Illumina To Webcast Upcoming Investor Conference
2022/04/25 Illumina Supports Leading German Hospital to Accelerate Genetic Disease Diagnosis in Critically Ill Children
2022/04/14 Illumina to Announce First Quarter 2022 Financial Results on Thursday, May 5, 2022
2022/04/12 Illumina Expands Access to Genomics in Latin America through New State-of-the-Art Solution Center
2022/04/11 John Frank Joins Illumina as Chief Public Affairs Officer
2022/04/07 Illumina Releases Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report
2022/03/16 Illumina Accelerator Invests in Seven Omics Startups Advancing Breakthrough Therapeutics, Diagnostics, DNA Storage, Mental Wellness, and Sustainable Foods Applications
2022/03/15 イルミナ、欧州で画期的な包括的がんゲノムプロファイリングテストを発表
2022/03/14 Illumina Welcomes Carissa Rollins as Chief Information Officer
2022/02/28 イルミナ、「世界希少・難治性疾患の日」を支援し、グローバルキャンペーンを展開
2022/02/21 Illumina To Webcast Upcoming Investor Conference
2022/02/10 Illumina Reports Financial Results for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2021
2022/02/03 Illumina To Webcast Upcoming Investor Conferences
2022/02/03 Illumina partners with centers across France to advance a precision medicine approach for patients with late-stage cancer
2022/01/25 イルミナ、国立がん研究センターと提携して、アジアにおける主な死因のひとつに取り組む
2022/01/24 Illumina collaborates with National Cancer Center Japan to address a leading cause of death in Asia
2022/01/20 Illumina to Announce Fourth Quarter & Full Year 2021 Financial Results on Thursday, February 10, 2022
2022/01/10 Illumina collaborates with Nashville Biosciences to accelerate medicines development
2022/01/10 Illumina Partners with Agendia to Expand Genomic Testing in Breast Cancer Care
2022/01/10 Illumina and Boehringer Ingelheim Announce Companion Diagnostic Partnership
2022/01/10 イルミナ、2022 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conferenceで、2021年の予想を上回る業績、2022年の堅調なガイダンスおよび大規模なパイプラインによる長期的な成長機会について発表
2022/01/05 Illumina Enters Co-Development Partnership with SomaLogic