Our People

Our Culture

We strive to foster an innovative workplace, powered by passionate people, to deliver on the transformative power of genomics. Our culture is fueled by openness, collaboration, diversity, inclusion, and fairness.

Culture of Care

Building the world’s best team starts with how we care for our employees. Our people programs are carefully designed to demonstrate how much we value our employees.

Compassion and care time off

100% of pay for 30 days

Medical and sick leave support

100% of pay for 12 weeks

Flexible time off

Paid time off without accrual limits

Health and lifestyle allowance

$500 for health, lifestyle and well-being

Universal variable compensation program

100% of employees eligible for bonus pay

Progressive, personalized benefits

Programs for fertility, expert second opinions, and genomic resources

Training & Development Programs

Our aim is for our employees to enjoy a long and fulfilling career at Illumina. Our training and development programs embody our belief that opportunities always exist to grow and to learn regardless of where you are on your career path. This growth mindset begins with valuing learning over knowing, seeking new ideas, and embracing challenges while developing.

Illumina provides a variety of resources for the leadership and professional development of our employees:

  • Career Development Central is a resource where employees can find resources to determine their interests, plan for career development discussions, and develop an individual development plan to achieve their goals.
  • Illumina Learning is our Learning Management System (LMS) where employees can sign up for both instructor-led and web-based courses that allow them to build their skills and knowledge.
  • We provide a variety of leadership development workshops and programs for our employees.
  • We also offer LinkedIn Learning, an online learning vendor, that has over 11,000 courses covering professional development, leadership, software, soft skills, and much more.

Diversity, Inclusion and Fairness

Our Diversity, Inclusion and Fairness (DIF) strategy is focused on organically and programmatically cultivating an environment in which everyone fully contributes to our mission to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. Built on a strong foundation, Illumina has always been rooted in openness, collaborating deeply, and seeking alternative views and perspectives to propel innovation in genomics. Our DIF strategy is integrated across the areas of our employees, our culture, our suppliers, and our community.

We are a highly engaged, passionate workforce that champions strong, organic elements of our inclusive culture, as seen in our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs serve to deliver career development experiences, increase cultural awareness, and demonstrate our collective commitment to diversity and inclusion in the communities we live and work.

Our dedication here also shows up in other tangible ways - highlighted by our commitment to pay equity where our annual global compensation cycle confirmed a zero gap in net pay, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or race. Illumina bases pay on compensable factors such as job, performance, expertise, and experience relevant to individual geography. We invest equally in our employees and work to create a culture that allows all our employees to share their unique perspectives and experiences, learn from one another, and contribute. An inclusive, diverse workforce also reflects our global business and customer base and will lead to continuous improvements as an organization.

We celebrate our employees' unique life experiences, talents, passions, and their contributions to innovation. We strive to foster an inclusive and diverse culture in which all employees feel valued and appreciated. This culture helps people engage at their best, knowing they have an equal opportunity to grow and succeed based on their performance, regardless of individual differences.

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Safety & Wellness

At Illumina, our vision is for every employee to be a health, safety and environmental leader.