Transforming data into insight

Making it easier to manage, analyze, and interpret large amounts of complex genomic data

Scientists and researchers need an arsenal of bioinformatics tools to manage the massive amounts of data the latest technologies create. Industry experts estimate that advanced sequencing and related studies generate approximately 2.5 exabytes of genomic data daily.1

While advances in sequencing promise to shed light on our understanding of human health and disease, the right bioinformatics software tools and approach are imperative. Data must be interoperable, quality must be infallible, and systems must be scalable.

Illumina bioinformatics tools can help manage, analyze, and interpret the data. They are designed to adapt to changing technologies and defy geographical and functional boundaries that slow progress.

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Bioinformatics Solutions Across the Workflow

The latest bioinformatics tools help scientists gain insights from a growing body of complex data. To assemble an effective bioinformatics solution, you will want to consider the complete bioinformatics ecosystem—from setup to specialized applications and analysis.

Informatics Infrastructure and Pipeline Setup

Gain greater insight into computational infrastructure requirements, automation, and building a framework that supports bioinformatics data sharing and collaboration among scientists with diverse backgrounds.

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Sample and Experiment Management

Explore approaches for wet lab management, experimental design, and sample tracking.

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Sequencing Data Analysis

Understand your options for performing analysis after the on-instrument data processing is complete. Find out how bioinformatics software tools can help make sense of all the data.

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Biological Data Interpretation

Explore approaches for biological interpretation, such as variant interpretation or cohort analysis.

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Specialized Bioinformatics Applications

Gather additional information about the implications of microarray studies or evolving techniques, such as single-cell sequencing.

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Simplify Your Genomic Data Analysis and Management

Illumina bioinformatics tools offer a streamlined user experience that supports comprehensive genomic research workflows.

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Delivering high-quality results using streamlined workflows
Delivering High-Quality Results Using Streamlined Workflows

The Biomedical Research Center (BRC) uses Illumina bioinformatics tools to streamline its workflows and deliver high quality results more quickly.

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Leveraging a platform for genomic interpretation
Leveraging a Platform for Genomic Interpretation

Genomics England and Illumina partner to develop a platform to streamline genomic interpretation.

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Bringing Bioinformatics Pipeline In-House Reduces Costs and Decreases Turnaround Time
Bringing Bioinformatics Pipeline In-House Reduces Costs and Decreases Turnaround Time

Phosphorus uses the DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform to perform genomics data analysis onsite and at an accessible price point.

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Scaling from Exome to Whole-Genome Sequencing with the DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform
GeneDx Scales from Exomes to Genomes using DRAGEN

Leveraging DRAGEN, GeneDx is now able to grow its operations while keeping costs low, turnaround times short, and accuracy high.

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Shortening the Distance Between Sample and Answer
Shortening the Distance Between Sample and Answer

See how the BaseSpace Informatics Suite integrated product portfolio simplifies and expedites your genomic workflows.

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The Future of Precision Medicine
The Future of Precision Medicine

These powerful, integrated bioinformatics tools will accelerate the future of precision medicine and genomic research.

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Enhance Your Secondary Analysis
Enhance Your Secondary Analysis

The Illumina DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform offers accurate, ultra-rapid secondary analysis for a variety of applications.

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Illumina DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform Training
Illumina DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform Training

Learn more about the accurate, ultra-rapid secondary analysis platform and accompanying pipelines.

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  1. Khoso M. How Much Data is Produced Every Day? Level Blog. Published July 14, 2016. Accessed July 20, 2017.