Genomic Data Storage & Cloud Security

Cloud-Based Solutions for Genomic Data Storage

Learn how cloud-based genomic data solutions can store, process, and share large genomic datasets with greater speed, scalability, and security

Securely Store Genomic Data

As the uses and possibilities for next-generation sequencing continue to expand, so does the need for secure and scalable genomic data storage. Using genomic data cloud services, researchers can securely store, process, examine, and share large genomic datasets with built-in speed, scalability, and data security.

Protecting the privacy of your genomic data is a foundational principle of Illumina's business. Our genomic data cloud solutions are built with industry-leading global and local security standards and real-time access to the most up-to-date encryption technology.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Genomic Data Storage

With Illumina's cloud-based genomic data solutions, you can streamline your data analysis, increase productivity, and collaborate globally in a secure and cost-effective manner.

  • Save time and money while scaling production
  • Maintain existing infrastructure with seamless integration
  • Keep your data protected 24/7 with constant monitoring by security and compliance teams
  • Easily share secure data in different work groups with user and team-specific access
  • Access your NGS data remotely to look at run trends or keep projects moving
  • Spend more time on research and less time on infrastructure upkeep with automated processes and user-friendly options
  • Tap into massive processing power and scalability to analyze large datasets

Cloud Data Security Best Practices

When evaluating genomics cloud providers, it’s important to carefully review and compare security features and requirements. Use the table below to review data security and compliance best practices that Illumina recommends and actively employs. Refer to Illumina's individual software solutions for more details.

Parameters Best Practices
Operational Security
  • Malware & ransomware prevention
  • Vulnerability management
  • Incident management & response
  • Firewall management
  • Domain Name System (DNS) management/security
  • Planned security scans of all assets
Physical Security
  • Data center security
  • Network access controls
  • Badge access controls
  • Environmental controls
  • Camera/video surveillance
  • Physical device destruction policy
  • Natural disaster preparedness
Administrative Security
  • Security education training and awareness programs
  • Password management policies
  • Multi-factor authentication/SSO
  • Personnel management controls and cybersecurity insurance
  • Company ownership and subsidiary relationships
  • Software development lifecycle management
Regulatory Compliance
  • ISO 27001, 13485
  • GDPR
  • FIPS 140-2
  • FISC
  • Cloud Security Alliance self-assessment (CIAQ)
  • STAR certifications
See regulatory certificates
Data Usage
  • Data encryption in transit
  • Data encryption at rest
  • Regional compute & storage options
  • Data retention policies
  • Planned patching and maintenance windows and communication to end users
  • Service degradation and outage reporting
  • Testing vs production environments
Security Culture
  • External vulnerability testing
  • Background checks for employees
  • Security & Privacy teams
  • Internal audits & logging
  • Employee security training
  • Compliance with federal data management regulations

Illumina Cloud Data Security FAQs

Illumina cloud storage solutions are validated against industry requirements and best practices to establish a high level of security. Illumina upholds regulatory compliance with ISO27001, ISO13485, and HIPAA, and ensures all cloud storage solutions are also in alignment. Operational, Physical and Administrative security controls are employed with Illumina’s cloud solutions.
Illumina follows industry best practices to maintain confidentiality and integrity of data generated on Illumina solutions. Preventative, detective, and responsive security controls keep metadata generated in solutions including BaseSpace Sequence Hub and ICA protected at all times.
Illumina is committed to keeping customer data confidential and secure. All sharing of data is controlled by the customer or their proxy. Illumina uses role-based access controls to inhibit non-authorized accession of data, and audits authorization of role-based access annually.
Vendor management is central to Illumina security practices. In doing so, vendor compliance with ISO27001 is audited annually.

Cloud-Based Genomic Data Storage & Analysis Solutions

Illumina Connected Analytics

Illumina Connected Analytics is a cloud-based data platform for secure and scalable multi-omics data management, analysis, and exploration.

DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform

The DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform enables accurate, ultra-rapid sequencing data analysis in an on-premises or cloud environment. Our cloud solutions offer the security, cost savings, and intuitive interface of our software platforms.

TruSight Software Suite

TruSight Software Suite offers an integrated solution for genetic disease workflows. Perform rapid, yet comprehensive whole-genome sequencing analysis to reveal meaningful, interpretable results in rare disease cases.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub

BaseSpace Sequence Hub is a powerful, easy-to-use bioinformatics compute and storage environment designed to help you build a secure, compliant, and high performing genomic sequencing operation.

BaseSpace Correlation Engine

BaseSpace Correlation Engine mines over 23,000 (and growing) scientific studies to get data-driven answers for genes, experiments, drugs and phenotypes for your research.

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS is a laboratory information management system that helps genomics labs track samples and manage workflows for an optimized and efficient lab.

Secure Instrument Support & Lab Management Solutions

Illumina Proactive Support

Illumina Proactive is a value-add service for remote instrument proactive support. Connected instruments get their tickets resolved faster. Connect your instrument to see your instrument health data at the Customer Dashboard.

MyIllumina Customer Dashboard

MyIllumina Customer Dashboard is a value-add account management platform that’s perfect for small to medium-sized labs. Connect your instrument and see your instrument health, product orders, support inquiries, and more—all through a personalized dashboard on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Scientists Discuss NGS Data Storage & Management

“Why Don’t we Just Use BaseSpace?”

When XING Cancer Care wanted to set up their bioinformatics pipeline, they were overwhelmed with data storage and security needs. Rather than spend countless hours of valuable research time, XING Cancer Care relied upon Illumina’s products to take care of everything, from pipeline setup to data security regulations compliance.

On-Demand Webinar: How to Train Your DRAGEN for Pathology Informatics

Learn how the director of an ISO15189-accredited lab uses BaseSpace Sequence Hub and DRAGEN to support their genomic data analysis and storage needs, and why the lab chose this platform over other options.

Case Study: Using Cloud Technology to Transform Sequencing Workflows

In this interview, you’ll hear how The Genomics Platform Group at UMCCR implemented Illumina Connected Analytics to simplify their entire workflow, accelerate turnaround time, and increase collaboration across labs.

Security and Scale in the Era of Genomics Data Discovery

In her talk, Susan Tousi, Chief Commercial Officer at Illumina, outlines the challenges of securely managing genomic data on a global scale and how Illumina is helping our customers address these challenges through data scaling across the entire informatics workflow.

Watch Video
Susan Tousi
Contact us to discuss your genomic data storage and security needs.

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