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The California Channel Islands have a very unique flora and fauna. The California Island Fox is a crucial species on the islands’ ecosystem and co-inhabited the islands with humans for thousands of years. However, as European settlers populated the islands about 200 years ago, activities such as ranching and hunting had a disruptive effect on the environment, causing island foxes to join the list of endangered species. In the last decades, efforts using archaeology, and more recently genomics, have led to a successful recovery of island foxes, together with the restoration of a healthy environment on the islands. Jacques and Irene talk with Courtney Hofman from the University of Oklahoma Laboratories of Molecular Anthropology and Microbiome Research to learn how genomic technologies can be integrated with archaeology to restore species and ecosystems. The University of Oklahoma does not endorse, either implicitly or explicitly, Illumina and/or any of Illumina’s products or services.

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