The Fruits of Fruit Fly Research| Adventures in Genomics


The Fruits of Fruit Fly Research| Adventures in Genomics

Fruit fly outbreaks can cause a large amount of damage to fruits and the economy. Adult females lay their eggs inside the fruit, causing it to be filled with maggots once the eggs have hatched. Fruit flies have been a problem in Hawaii for 100 years, and they also pose a threat to inland USA, especially to those regions with economies based on agriculture, such as California. In this video, Jacques and Irene flew to Hilo, Hawaii, to interview Scott Geib and his group at the USDA to learn how genomic technologies can be used to identify invasive fruit flies, track their origin, and develop environmentally friendly approaches to eradicate these pests. Keywords: Tephritid, Fruit flies, invasive, fruit fly, control, phylogenomics, Medfly, sterile insect technique, Adventures in Genomics, Illumina, Scientific Affairs, Jacques Retief, Irene Predazzi

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