The Elephant in the Room: The Curious Case of the Elephant Superpower | Adventures in Genomics


The clear majority of the Human Genome is non-coding. Although those billions of bases do not specifically encode genes, there are many hidden sequences whose job is to dial up and dial down the activity of genes. This is important, as these regulatory elements steer the activity required of our genes to shape different phenotypes. Dr. Christopher Gregg and his laboratory from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, have an innovative and powerful approach to study this fascinating aspect of biology. Their approach consists in identifying and studying species that have evolved “superpowers” that protect them from developing diseases. In this last episode of Adventures in Genomics, Irene and Jacques traveled to Salt Lake City to talk to Dr. Gregg and learn more about his approach, with a focus on elephants, and their extraordinary ability of preventing cancer from developing in their massive number of cells. Links: The Gregg Lab: The Schiffman Lab: The University of Utah: For more info on applications in cancer: For more info on applications in other areas: See all our Adventures in Genomics videos: Subscribe to the Illumina video channel: View customer spotlight videos: View Illumina webinars: View Illumina product videos: View Illumina support videos: