Solving for the Information Gap in Genomics Breakthroughs

It took decades to sequence the first human genome, launching a thirst to understand the secrets it encapsulated. This drive to unlock the human genome led to exponential gains in sequencing speed and a reduction in cost. Today, a human genome can be sequenced in under 24 hours on the NovaSeq 6000.

Our knowledge of the human genome has grown with this race alongside the ever-expanding list of global GWAS studies and personalized medicine initiatives that have ignited the genomics industry. By 2025, it’s estimated between 100 million and 2 billion people will be sequenced, requiring 2-40 exabytes of storage for human genomic data – amazing.

One of the most fundamental and powerful data sets for human health is the human genome.

What has fallen behind with the rapid increase in sequencing, is our ability to analyze and explore the data generated from high-throughput instruments. Realizing the sheer volume of genomics data available globally, what is the potential impact to biotechnology and human health? If we could efficiently and securely combine, analyze, aggregate, mine, and explore this dispersed data, we would close the gap between genomics sequencing and genomics data analysis.

Until now, there has not been a platform tailored to the needs of the genomics industry with the infrastructure to support scale, speed, and security. Committed to enabling Illumina customers to realize the full power of the genome, we introduce Illumina Connected Analytics (ICA). ICA is a cloud-based software platform to manage, analyze, and interpret large volumes of multi-omics data in a secure, scalable, and flexible environment. The versatility of the system allows the platform to be used for a broad range of applications. A catalyst for scientific discovery, ICA allows our customers to quickly analyze new samples and leverage under-utilized genomic data with a sophisticated data science environment.

Looking towards the future of Illumina’s software portfolio, Illumina Connected Analytics is the foundation upon which we build. The roadmap includes incorporating BaseSpace Clarity LIMS for wet lab and sample management; tertiary analysis with variant interpretation; integration of Illumina’s Correlation Engine and Cohort Analyzer to get data-driven answers for genes, experiments, drugs, and phenotypes; and multi-omic and multi-modal analysis using innovative visualization and analysis tools.

We look forward to partnering with our customers to unlock the power of the human genome.