Fast-growing technology adopters


Asia Pacific countries represent some of the fastest growing adopters of new sequencing and array technology. Team members in this region are responsible for manufacturing significant elements of our portfolio. As interest in Illumina products continues to increase, they play a crucial role in the coordination of customers throughout the region.

In addition to competitive salaries, we offer our Asia Pacific team members a comprehensive benefits program.


Insurance Programs

  • Flexible Medical Benefits Plan
    Illumina provides outpatient medical benefits at no cost, which covers outpatient medical consultation, specialist consultation, dental and vision care to employees and their dependents.
  • Group Hospitalization and Surgical Insurance
    The group hospitalization and surgical insurance plan is also provided to employees and their dependents at no cost, and covers hospitalization and surgical related expense upon admission to a hospital.
  • Group Term Life Assurance
    This group term insurance plan is provided as a financial foundation for your family‘s security in the event of death, total permanent disability or terminal illnesses arising from any cause during the course of the employee‘s service with the company. Premiums are 100% paid by Illumina.
  • Group Personal Accident Assurance
    This group personal accident insurance plan provides additional protection for your beneficiary and yourself, in the event of death, dismemberment during the course of an employee‘s service with the company. Premiums are 100% paid by Illumina.
  • Travel Medical
    Emergency medical and dental coverage for employees on business travel.

Additional Remuneration:

  • Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP)
    Eligible employees will have the opportunity to purchase Illumina stock at a 15% discount through payroll deductions with after-tax monies. Illumina has two enrollment periods each year in January and July where employees can elect to contribute 1 – 15% of their base salary.
  • Annual Leave and Holiday entitlement
    Illumina offers employees who have served the Company for a period of 90 days paid annual leave. The leave entitlement is 21 days for non-shift employees, and 14 days for 12-hour shift employees respectively. Statutory paid public holidays, in accordance to prevailing government published holidays, are also provided.