Direct Commerce

Illumina eCommerce—all about ease

Direct commerce offers ease of use and self-service

Direct Commerce

We’ve made it easy to purchase directly from our website. Simply go online, and:

  • Add - add products to your cart or redeem a sales quote. Create Favorites for repeat orders.
  • Share - share your cart with your purchasing agent to expedite purchases.
  • Checkout - checkout or save your cart to checkout later.
  • Purchase - pay however you’d like, then track your orders. Use blanket purchase orders to budget against multiple experiments, projects, and labs.

You can also explore the features of Illumina eCommerce with a self-guided tour. The tour steps you through accessing your account, creating favorites, and using cart options such as Quick Cart.

Direct commerce allows you to easily manage orders and makes for easy reordering. Easy! That’s eCommerce with Illumina.

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Illumina eCommerce - All About Ease