Illumina Financial Solutions

Illumina is committed to providing solutions that empower researchers to advance and accelerate their sequencing. With over 20,000 instruments installed and over 369,000 publications, we are the most trusted and proven NGS sequencer provider. Don't let access to capital hold you back.

Illumina Financial Services offers fast, easy, and affordable financing and leasing programs. With our Illumina-backed solutions and our network of leasing partners, we are able to offer options that can fit your needs, so you can preserve valuable lines of credit or overcome capital budget constraints while still keeping pace with advancing technology.

Illumina Financing offers are only available in direct markets.

Illumina Financing Options

Choose from several financing options that best meets your needs:

Reagent rental
  • Best option if you have a predictable number of samples
  • We transfer the price of the instrument on top of reagents
  • 0% interest, working directly with Illumina Financial Services
Instrument rental
  • Good solution for a bridge to funding
  • Available on all instruments
  • Low interest rate, working directly with Illumina Financial Services
Instrument leasing
  • Fixed monthly payment without reagent commitment
  • Available for all instruments
  • Work directly with Illumina-approved financial partners
  • Low interest rates and 0% financing

Eligible in vitro diagnostic (IVD) instruments

* For well-qualified buyers.

** Require reagent commitment, pricing based on 50 runs per year.

Financing program benefits

  • Multiple options to access world-class NGS equipment
  • Flexible short-term program
  • Financing Solutions gives flexibility to access the latest technology
  • Pay-per-use offer including end-to-end solution
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We offer financial solutions to public and private colleges and universities, as well as federal, state, local government, and private entities.

We will contact you to help you meet your financial goals by obtaining your lab equipment today.