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がん研究, 複雑な疾患ゲノム

Video: European Customers Share their Genomics Stories

Video Feature from the ESHG Conference

European Customers Share their Genomics Stories

Europe’s largest human genetics conference convened this week in Milan, Italy, and Illumina was there. The European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) annual meeting draws researchers and clinicians from leading academic institutions, government, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from around the world.

ESHG is a non-profit organization that promotes human genetics research, ensures high standards and facilitates contacts between research practitioners working in Europe. The Society encourages research integration and clinical translation, as well as professional and public education in all areas of human genetics.

Building on the significant advances in genetics during the last 50 years of ESHG’s existence, we spoke with several of our customers to learn more about the innovative ways they are using Illumina technologies to advance research and collaborations, and the way in which they envisage the future of genomics.


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