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There is an endless amount of opportunity at Illumina for recent graduates. Looking to make that important first step in creating a rewarding career? At Illumina, we are committed to ensuring that your transition from academia to industry is successful and rewarding.

The best and brightest from different backgrounds and disciplines come together here to create and support revolutionary products. There are always new challenges and opportunities to push the envelope.

Discover the vast practical applications of genomic sequencing and how universities, research institutions, and labs are using Illumina next-generation sequencing to advance science. Explore exciting careers at Illumina – with unprecedented opportunities to expand our understanding of the building blocks of life itself and to improve human health. Learn more through our Adventures in Genomics series.

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You'll be joining a company with an impressive list of accolades:

  • Smartest Company 2014, MIT Technology Review
  • 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2013, MIT Technology Review
  • The 12 Most Disruptive Names in Business 2013, Forbes
  • Top 10 Innovations 2012, The Scientist Magazine
  • Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2010, Forbes

Most importantly, you can find your dream job. Work beyond what you thought was possible on a team that encourages you, inspires you, and values your contributions. Here, you have the power to make a difference.