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Video: Adventures in Genomics: Untangling Alzheimer's Secrets

Learn about how genomics is being used in research of this devastating disease

Adventures in Genomics: Untangling Alzheimer's Secrets

Alzheimer’s Disease is the leading cause of dementia in the aging population. This progressive and currently incurable disease has devastating effects on both patients and their loved ones. Pathologically, Alzheimer’s Disease is characterized by the presence of plaques and tangles inside an individual’s brain. Despite this known defined pathology, the predisposing factors to these plaques and tangles, as well as their effects, still remain unclear.

On this episode of Adventures in Genomics, Untangling Alzheimer’s Secrets, Illumina scientists Jacques and Irene travel to the University of Miami to speak with Dr. Amanda Myers about how she is using a combination of genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics to identify networks of data to help explain the complexity of this disease. From this approach, can identify key drivers that are crucial in the development of the disease.

Watch this episode to learn more about Dr. Myers study and her goals to develop a way to identify who will develop Alzheimer’s Disease and how this will lead to better treatments in the future.


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