TruSeq Bovine Parentage Sequencing Panel

This high-value solution for parentage testing of multiple beef and dairy cattle breeds includes genotyping of relevant traits in a single assay.Read More...

TruSeq Bovine Parentage Kit (96 indexes, 96 samples)



TruSeq Bovine Parentage Sequencing Panel for MiniSeq




This solution for parentage testing of multiple beef and dairy cattle breeds has added genotyping of relevant traits. By offering more information in a single assay than from parentage testing alone, service labs can use the TruSeq Bovine Parentage Sequencing Panel to make more informed herd management recommendations.

  • Includes all International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) recommended content, plus disease-associated and economically relevant traits
  • Content design, high accuracy, and reliability eliminate need for multiple or repeat testing
  • Analysis software converts sequencing results to genotype calls without the need for bioinformatics expertise

The TruSeq Bovine Parentage Sequencing Panel uses proven Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology to deliver accurate genotyping results for SNP-based parentage determination in cattle. The high accuracy and reliability of Illumina sequencing reduces the amount of required testing and shortens the time to answer, leading to efficiency gains and cost savings. It features a streamlined workflow that goes from DNA to report in 1.5 days with minimal hands-on time.

Have confidence that the typing result is accurate, the first time. TruSeq Bovine Parentage has been tested with multiple breeds, DNA inputs, and extraction methods. It provides deep sequencing coverage across SNPs.

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TruSeq Bovine Parentage Sequencing Panel Content
Description No. of SNPs
SNPs Used for Parentage Assessment
ISAG Core SNP Targets 100
ISAG Additional SNP Targets 100
Variant Targets Associated with Genetic Disorders/Diseases
Prenatal/Perinatal Lethal Conditions (HH1, HH3, HH4, MH1, etc) 12
Postnatal/Adult Lethal Conditions (Citrullinemia, Congenital Muscular Dystonia, Cardiomyopathy, Myoclonus, etc) 17
Nonlethal, Adverse Conditions (Marfan Syndrome, Mulefoot, Protoporphyria, Hemophilia A, etc) 19
Variant Targets Associated with Economically Valuable Traits
Male Fertility 1
Growth and Appearance 4
Meat Quality 4
Milk Quality 6
Total Number of SNP/Variant Targets 263

Bovine Parentage Sequencing Panel consolidates parentage assessment and added genotyping of biologically relevant traits into a single test

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