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Collaborating to Advance Genomics

As a global leader in genomics, we continually strive to offer solutions that are not only innovative, but also accessible and always reliable. Illumina partnerships help advance genomics in numerous ways, from expanding access to next-generation sequencing (NGS) to pioneering new applications and technologies, providing funding for innovative startups, and more. 

Featured Pharmaceutical & Biotech Partnerships

Some of our existing partnerships include:


Illumina and Roche partner to broaden the adoption of distributable next-generation sequencing-based testing in oncology.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck, Kura, & Myriad

Illumina forms multiple partnerships to develop precision oncology solutions.

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Loxo Oncology

Illumina and Loxo Oncology partner to develop next-generation sequencing-based pan-cancer companion diagnostics.

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Additional Partnerships

Discover more Illumina partnerships and collaborations designed to advance access to groundbreaking genomics solutions.

IIllumina & GenoScreen Partner on Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Testing

The partnership will expand capabilities for countries most impacted by tuberculosis to more effectively detect and combat multidrug-resistant TB.

Illumina & QIAGEN Partner on Sequencing-Based Diagnostic Tests

The partnership focuses on commercializing oncology In Vitro Diagnostc (IVD) kits to support patient management and may expand to other clinical fields in the future.

Illumina & Microba Life Sciences Partner to Accelerate Microbiome Research

The partnership brings together revolutionary Illumina NGS tools and a high-quality proprietary gut microbiome analysis platform from Microba to rapidly process large volumes of metagenomic data.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partnership with Illumina

The partnership supports genomic analysis customers with innovative and secure, cloud-based data processing, management, and storage.

Technology Development and Integrations

We strive to offer the best possible technologies and solutions to our customers. By integrating our technology with other best-in-class solutions, we aim to improve workflows, support groundbreaking research, and continue advancing genomics.

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Illumina Accelerator

Startup Funding for Genomics Companies

With mentorship, financial support, and access to sequencers and reagents, the Illumina Accelerator is helping genomics startups launch so we can unlock the power of the genome—together.

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Genomics News


イルミナはNaked Geneticsと提携し、次世代シーケンサーの世界にオーディエンスを惹きつけています


日本の岡山大学の研究者らによる、Illumina Connected AnalyticsとDRAGENパイプラインを使用した、全ゲノム、エクソーム、トランスクリプトーム、メタゲノムデータ解析


ベルリンでは、イルミナの専門家やその他の業界リーダーがESHG 2024に集まり、プレシジョンメディシンの将来などについて話し合います