Products for production-scale genomics on the HiSeq 3000 and HiSeq 4000 Systems

Kits, peripheral equipment, and software tools to facilitate experimental design, setup, and data analysis

HiSeq 3000/HiSeq 4000 Products and Services

HiSeq 3000/4000 SBS Kit
HiSeq 3000/4000 SBS Kit

HiSeq 3000/4000 SBS Kits leverage patterned flow cell technology for even cluster spacing and uniform feature size, delivering extremely high cluster densities and significant increases in data output and daily throughput.


HiSeq 3000/4000 PE Cluster Kit
HiSeq 3000/4000 PE Cluster Kit

このキットを使うと、HiSeq 3000やHiSeq 4000システムにおけるシーケンス用のクラスター形成ができます。

HiSeq 3000/4000 SR Cluster Kit
HiSeq 3000/4000 SR Cluster Kit

HiSeq 3000/4000 PE Cluster Kitは、cBotシステムでのシングルリード(SR)クラスター形成に必要な試薬をご提供します。クラスター試薬は、HiSeq 3000システムとHiSeq 4000システムでご利用いただけます。

TruSeq DNA Exome
TruSeq DNA Exome

This kit provides a low-cost exome sequencing solution that delivers exceptional target coverage over a broad range of read depths.

TruSeq Methyl Capture EPIC Library Prep Kit
TruSeq Methyl Capture EPIC Library Prep Kit


cBot 2 System (discontinued)
cBot 2 System (discontinued)

cBot 2システム はイルミナ次世代シーケンサーに対応した、クラスター形成プロセスのワークフローを自動で実施します。

High Thoughput Library Prep Automation

Illumina offers high throughput-compatible library prep kits and partnerships with leading automation vendors.

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BaseSpace Clarity LIMS

Our laboratory information management system helps researchers track samples and optimize procedures and workflows.

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HiSeq 3000/HiSeq 4000 System Control Software
HiSeq 3000/HiSeq 4000 System Control Software

User-friendly touchscreen–operated instrument control software guides users through each step of the sequencing workflow, from experiment setup to reagent and flow cell loading. The software also generates real-time quality statistics for accurate run monitoring.

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Sequencing Experiment Setup

Setting up and running sequencing experiments is easy with software tools designed for Illumina sequencing systems.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub

Data management and simplified bioinformatics for labs getting started and for rapidly scaling next-generation sequencing (NGS) operations.

BaseSpace Correlation Engine

BaseSpace Correlation Engine mines over 23,000 (and growing) scientific studies to get data-driven answers for genes, experiments, drugs and phenotypes for your research.

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer

BaseSpace Cohort Analyzer allows you to integrate and analyze subject and genomic data together using innovative visualization and analysis tools.

BaseSpace Variant Interpreter

BaseSpace Variant Interpreter allows scientists to rapidly identify biologically significant variants from human genomic data.

Comprehensive Scientific Support

Illumina services and support begins when the HiSeq Series is delivered. Illumina scientists and engineers assist with NGS system installation and setup and train laboratory personnel. In addition to onsite support, training courses are available to bring laboratory personnel quickly up to speed.

Illumina scientists are available 24/7 globally to answer questions every step of the way, enabling researchers to focus on making the next breakthrough discovery.

Illumina Product Support Services

In addition to the 1-year basic service warranty included with system purchase, Illumina offers maintenance, repair, and qualification solutions.

Illumina University Training

Get high-quality results on Illumina technology even faster with instructor-led or hands-on courses and web-based training options.

Illumina Consulting Services

Bring an experienced Illumina team to your lab to jump-start successful sequencing workflow implementation.

Instrument Qualification Services

Verify instrument installation, operation, or performance and obtain an audit-ready report to help meet regulatory requirements.

Proactive Instrument Monitoring

Connect to Illumina Proactive to access this complimentary instrument performance monitoring and proactive support service.