rRNA & Globin mRNA Removal Kit Selection Guide

Ribosomal RNA Depletion Selection Guide

Depletion of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) prior to RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) enables researchers to focus on analyzing high-value portions of the transcriptome. Illumina Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kits and Globin-Zero rRNA/globin mRNA Removal Kits set the standard for rRNA and globin mRNA depletion for RNA-Seq library preparation.

Ribo-Zero treated and Globin-Zero treated RNA can be used to make whole-transcriptome RNA-Seq libraries using the ScriptSeq v2 RNA-Seq Library Preparation kit.

The Ribo-Zero and Globin-Zero Kits:

  • Use intact, degraded and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) RNA samples.
  • Enrich for mRNA and non-rRNA non-coding RNA for whole transcriptome RNA-Seq.
  • Use an automation-friendly magnetic bead process.
  • Can be used with RNA from a wide variety of species.
RNA Sample Kit Removes Euk. Cytoplasmic rRNA Removes Mitochondrial rRNA Removes Bacterial rRNA Removes Chloroplast rRNA Removes Globin mRNA
Human and other animal species and FFPE RNA Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Human/Mouse/Rat)        
Human and other animal species; FFPE RNA Ribo-Zero Gold rRNA Removal Kit (Human/Mouse/Rat)      
Human microbiome and other bacteria-infected human, mouse, rat samples Ribo-Zero Gold rRNA Removal Kit (Epidemiology)    
(mixed populations of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria)
Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Bacteria)        
Gram-negative bacteria Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Gram-Negative Bacteria)        
Gram-positive bacteria Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Gram-Positive Bacteria)        
Plant leaf tissue Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Plant Leaf)    
Plant seed or root tissue Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Plant Seed/Root)    
Mammalian blood RNA Globin-Zero Gold Kit    
Yeast Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Yeast)