Collaborating to advance human disease research

Pool resources to develop genomic analysis tools that meet the needs of multiple researchers


With human consortia, Illumina helps biomedical researchers from across the world work together to design and run custom genomics assays. Illumina coordinates, members pool resources, and everyone benefits.

Consortia products include high-powered genotyping arrays and other next-generation genetic analysis tools. Human consortia may be open or confidential. From custom content to project management and bioinformatics, Illumina offers a comprehensive solution for human consortia members. The following are our currently open human consortia offerings.

H3Africa Consortium Array

The H3Africa Consortium seeks to empower researchers with leading-edge genomics tools to study environmental and genetic factors that play a role in disease susceptibility and drug responses. With novel, genome-wide content from individuals across African populations, and built on the MEGA Array backbone, the H3Africa Consortium Array1 is designed to be an effective and comprehensive array for the study of African Genomics. H3Africa data will inform strategies to address health inequity and will lead to health benefits in Africa and beyond.

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Human Consortia FAQs

Learn more about human disease research consortia.

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Genotyping Research

Explore sequencing- and array-based genotyping solutions that can provide insight into the functional consequences of genetic variation.

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Infinium DrugDev Consortium Array

This genotyping array was developed in collaboration with leaders in translational genomics and computational biology. It enables researchers to more effectively screen potential drug targets earlier in the development process. Learn more about this consortium.

Infinium Neuro Consortium Array

Partners from the neurogenomics community designed the Neuro Consortium Array to interrogate the genomics of neurodegenerative diseases. The consortium gathered all identified markers found in known neurodegenerative disease genes, to include in a single array. Learn more about this consortium.

Global Screening Array Consortium

This consortium developed a highly economical array for population-scale genomics and genetic risk screening. The array combines multi-ethnic genome-wide content, curated clinical research variants, and quality control markers for precision medicine research. Learn more about this consortium.

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Infinium Multi-Ethnic Genotyping Arrays (MEGA)

This consortium-built array family delivers increased power for understanding complex disease in diverse human populations. It provides a cost-effective method for large-scale population research with excellent genomic coverage and high-value, expert-selected content. Learn more about this consortium.

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TruSeq Neurodegeneration Panel

This sequencing panel includes expert-selected content associated with major neurodegenerative diseases, empowering researchers to investigate both coding and non-coding regions of targeted genes in a cost-effective manner. The panel combines Nextera library preparation and enrichment technology with proven Illumina sequencing and data analysis into a comprehensive workflow. Learn more about this panel.

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The Power of Population-Scale Genomics
The Power of Population-Scale Genomics

Learn how Illumina technology is revolutionizing the study of population diversity.

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Pharmacogenomics and Cardiovascular Disease
Pharmacogenomics and Cardiovascular Disease

See how researchers used an Illumina array to identify responder genotypes in a failed cholesterol drug trial.

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Human Infinium Array Family
Human Infinium Array Family

Commercial and consortia products to support a wide range of human genetic analysis studies.

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Human Genotyping Solutions
Human Genotyping Array Solutions

Illumina genotyping arrays are a flexible and robust way to screen for SNPs and structural variations.

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Illumina Technologies
Illumina Technologies

Our next-generation sequencing and microarray technologies support a wide range of genomics applications.

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Shared Vision for the Power of Human WGS
The Power of Human WGS

Genomics leaders share their perspective on the impact of high-throughput and population sequencing in clinical research.

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Genomic Architecture of Neurodegenerative Disease
Genomics and Neurodegenerative Diseases

High-throughput genomics enables insights into genes and pathways associated with diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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  1. NIH provides funding to H3Africa as part of the Common Fund Global Health initiative; the use of any company, commercial product and/or service by H3Africa grantees does not imply endorsement by NIH.