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TruSight Oncology is a set of NGS platform reagents for the detection of cancer variants, using an enrichment-based method to simultaneously analyze DNA and RNA. Gene content is not included.Read More...

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Product Highlights

The enrichment-based next-generation sequencing (NGS) reagents enable simultaneous analysis of DNA and RNA, and can cover a wide range of cancer variant types. The comprehensive nature of this methodology provides laboratories with a deep view into the genetics of cancer.

  • Accurate Results from Low-Quality Samples1
    Enables variant detection with as little as 40 ng DNA and RNA input, maximizing the results from precious formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples.
  • Supports Comprehensive Coverage of Cancer-Related Variants
    Allows the assessment of multiple variant types in one assay using DNA and RNA which creates efficiencies in sample usage, time, and cost.
  • Integrated, Streamlined Workflow
    DNA and RNA are prepared in parallel with an integrated workflow following DNA shearing/cDNA synthesis.
  • Flexible Applications
    Enrichment-based workflow allows for a wide variety of content, input types, and applications.

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Feature Article

Genomics Powering Access to the Latest Cancer Breakthroughs

Garret Hampton discusses how TruSight Oncology can be extended to whole-exome and -genome sequencing and sequencing RNA transcripts for profiling of cancers.

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