TruSeq Rapid SBS Kits (200 Cycle and 50 Cycle) - HS

Designed for the rapid run mode of HiSeq 2500 and 1500 sequencers, these kits enable high data quality, fast turnaround time, and a walk-away workflow.Read More...

TruSeq Rapid SBS Kit - HS (200 cycles)


TruSeq Rapid SBS Kit - HS (50 cycles)


Product Highlights

TruSeq Rapid SBS (sequencing by synthesis) kits enable high data quality and fast turnaround time for high-throughput sequencing. These kits are designed for the rapid run mode of HiSeq 2500 and 1500 sequencers.

  • Maximize the data quality of your runs
  • Quickly turn urgent samples around
  • Stack reagents to achieve longer runs
  • Set up once and walk away

Maximize data quality — TruSeq Rapid SBS kits are formulated to provide high-quality sequencing data for high-throughput sequencing applications. Building on the well-established foundation of traditional SBS chemistry, TruSeq Rapid enables high quality scores (Q scores), low error rates, and excellent data quality.

Rapidly turn urgent samples around — TruSeq Rapid SBS kits support the rapid run workflow for the HiSeq 2500 and 1500, providing a rapid turnaround time for urgent samples. The lower overall data throughput of rapid run mode also simplifies batching requirements and allows optimal indexing of small genomes and other applications with reduced output needs.

Stackability — TruSeq Rapid SBS kits are available in two configurations, 200 cycle and 50 cycle. By stacking these reagents pre-run, you can achieve any desired run length up to 2 x 150 bp for either one or two flow cells on the HiSeq 2500.

Kit configurations for common applications —For smaller read length applications, such as ChIP-Seq, choose the 50 cycle kits to eliminate waste. For longer read applications, like de novo whole genome sequencing, choose 200 cycle kits or a combination of the two.

In either configuration, sufficient reagents are included in each kit to support dual indexing for optimal sample batching, especially with small genomes and targeted applications.

True walk-away workflow — TruSeq Rapid SBS kits are an integral part of the rapid run workflow, which also includes the TruSeq Rapid Cluster Kits that enable on-board cluster generation. By using on-board cluster generation and local sample loading on the HiSeq 2500 and 1500, you can take advantage of a high-throughput walk-away workflow.

All required reagents for cluster generation, optional paired-end turn, and sequencing, including up to two indexes, can be loaded onto the instrument along with your sample template. From there, you simply start the run and walk away. Data can also be ported to BaseSpace Sequence Hub to enable great freedom.

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