Advantage Large-Scale Sequencing Products


Illumina Advantage large-scale sequencing products offer the highest level of service and support to ensure operational success for clinical laboratories. To enable greater efficiency for these labs, Illumina Advantage products feature:

  • Single lot shipments
  • Kit lot testing
  • Extended shelf life
  • Advance change notification
  • Certificate of analysis

These features empower clinical laboratories to reduce the frequency and cost of revalidating reagents and protocols.

Many clinical laboratories follow stringent analytical revalidation processes to ensure consistent performance across different lots of reagents. Illumina Advantage large-scale sequencing products enable labs to minimize the cost associated with this process by delivering reagents in single-lot shipments, reducing the potential for variability between lots.

A dedicated Illumina Advantage supply chain manager coordinates reagent manufacturing for every shipment to ensure single-lot deliveries. Single-lot shipments can also improve traceability and laboratory tracking needs across multiple sites.

Compare the features of Advantage products vs. standard research products.

Key Features Comparisons Standard Advantage
Single lot shipments    
Kit lot testing    
Guaranteed Shelf-life 3 month 6 month
Advanced Change Notificiation   6 month
Cerificate of Analysis    
Manufactured under ISO 13485    

A dedicated Illumina Advantage supply chain manager ensures that each component in an Advantage kit is manufactured and tested with all other components in that kit. Advantage kits and components are treated as a single unit, so the components of a kit in each shipment originate from the same lot. Such integrated testing evaluates how the components of a kit perform together as well as individually.

Featuring a significantly longer shelf life than standard products, Advantage reagents allow clinical laboratories to stay on the same lot of product for an extended period of time without the risk of product expiration.

The minimum guaranteed shelf life for Advantage reagents is six months, enabling labs to use their reagents according to current testing needs.

In the Advantage program, Illumina notifies laboratories six months before any significant changes are made to an Advantage product. During this six-month period, both the new product and the previous version are available. Advance change notifications provide the high operational stability that labs require for consistent test performance.

Every Advantage product is issued with a certificate of analysis by the Illumina Quality Assurance Department that ascertains the product has met its predetermined product release specifications and quality. Laboratories that are subject to regulatory or governing body expectations can use certificates of analysis to satisfy qualification activities.

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