NovaSeq Xp Workflow Accessories

The NovaSeq Xp workflow enables labs to load libraries directly into each lane of a NovaSeq 6000 System flow cell, without additional instrumentation.Read More...
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*NovaSeq S1 Reagent Kits are not currently available.

Product Highlights

Individual lane loading with the NovaSeq Xp workflow allows you to sequence multiple library pools within each NovaSeq flow cell lane. This optional workflow offers an alternative to standard onboard cluster generation on the NovaSeq 6000 System. With the NovaSeq Xp workflow, you can:

  • Separate projects or methods by lane
  • Multiplex within a lane to maximize the total number of samples per flow cell
  • Reduce DNA input required
Maximize Flexibility and Efficiency

The NovaSeq Xp workflow offers the flexibility to load each flow cell lane independently. Labs can now multiplex samples within each lane, maximizing the total number of samples per flow cell. This high degree of multiplexing also reduces the required DNA input compared to the standard workflow.

Perform Manual or Automated Loading

The NovaSeq Xp workflow is compatible with both manual flow cell lane loading and automated loading using liquid-handling robots.

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