Smart probe design

Microarray Probe Design

Illumina offers a powerful, easy-to-use online tool that enables researchers to design microarray probes for Illumina custom genotyping arrays. The DesignStudio Microarray Assay Designer helps researchers evaluate loci and create the most successful custom genotyping assays.

Array Probe Design

Metrics returned by DesignStudio provide success prediction information, validation status, and minor allele frequencies from published studies. Researchers should use these metrics to select an initial assay panel that includes microarray probe designs predicted to have a high likelihood of success in genetic analysis experiments.

Use DesignStudio to design microarray probes for custom genotyping assays. With high multiplexing capabilities and flexible multi-sample microarray formats, our genotyping products open up new opportunities for human and agricultural studies.

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Disease to Gene Finder Tool

Looking to design a custom microarray, but unsure where to begin? Use our Disease to Gene Finder Tool. Search by disease and find a ranked list of associated genes to help you design your custom array. You can then import your list of genes into DesignStudio.

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Disease to Gene Finder
High-Throughput Genotyping Informs Selective Livestock Breeding

Custom arrays enable cost-effective genotyping that provides ranchers with the information they need to improve herds.

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Genotyping Cattle for a Higher-Quality Food Supply

GeneSeek uses Infinium iSelect custom arrays to help breeders measure genetic merit and select superior breeding stock.

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A Ray of Sunshine for Sunflower Breeding

How a government agency, an agricultural trade group, and a biotech company came together to bring sunflower breeding into the genomics era.

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Genotyping Solutions
Genotyping Solutions

Explore Illumina genotyping options for analysis of single-nucleotide polymorphisms as well as large structural changes.

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