Improving IVF success rates through better embryo selection

PGS for Clinical Labs

Using Illumina technology, preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) methods can screen all 24 chromosomes in as little as 12 hours for an accurate, efficient view of the number of chromosomes in an embryo.

In the past, embryo selection was based solely on morphology, a subjective method evaluating appearance of an embryo using a scoring system. FISH analysis can also be used as way to assess chromosome number; however it’s only able to identify a limited number of chromosomes.

Screening All 24 Chromosomes with PGS: A Paradigm Shift with Simon Fishel
Screening All 24 Chromosomes with PGS: A Paradigm Shift

Hear Simon Fishel talk about screening all 24 chromosomes with PGS.

A Brief History of PGS


Preimplantation genetic screening was originally performed using fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). Because FISH does not screen all 24 chromosomes, its efficacy and accuracy for detecting euploid embryos is limited.


As new technologies were developed and applied to PGS, IVF outcomes improved. Array-based technology facilitated screening of all 24 chromosomes in the embryo, significantly improving PGS.

Next-Generation Sequencing

NGS, the latest technological breakthrough, is setting a new standard in PGS. NGS offers reliable PGS results, streamlined workflows, higher throughput capabilities, and customizable assays for easy portfolio expansion.

Illumina is committed to providing comprehensive solutions and to being a trusted partner to our customers across the reproductive health continuum. PGS and PGD solutions are at the forefront of this continuum and we aim to reshape the IVF process as we know it. With a world-class community of users, Illumina is a leader in the industry, driving the evolution of innovative applications of genetic technology in reproductive health.

The Illumina Difference

From library prep, arrays, and sequencing to informatics, Illumina next-generation solutions empower researchers and clinicians across the globe to find the answers they seek.

We’re here with all the resources you need to accelerate progress. In addition to onsite training, ongoing support, and phone consults, we offer webinars and courses around the world.

world-class solutions and a community of support

Our preimplantation genetic screening products are empowering your research and improving IVF outcomes with fast, accurate screening. Get an entire view of chromosomal status with Illumina solutions.

VeriSeq PGS Kit – MiSeq

The VeriSeq PGS Kit takes advantage of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology to provide comprehensive, accurate screening of all 24 chromosomes to aid selection of euploid embryos. NGS offers the opportunity for improved assay workflow, higher throughput, and enhanced performance over array-based PGS.1

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BlueFuse Multi Analysis Software

BlueFuse software provides molecular cytogenetic and genetic information obtained from the biopsied embryos, analyzed in a single framework. It offers a clear, intuitive user interface, a common workflow, and scales for the needs of your lab. This widely-implemented software is used in the majority of laboratories performing PGS.

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STAR Trial Overview

Learn about a randomized controlled trial comparing pregnancy rates following VeriSeq PGS versus standard morphology for elective single embryo transfer.

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NGS improves IVF success with healthier embryo selection

Watch Dagan Wells discuss how PGS through NGS improves IVF success.

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Preimplantation Genetics Technology

An overview of recent publications featuring Illumina solutions for preimplantation genetics technology.

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NGS Revolutionizes Reproductive Genomics

Viafet enables IVF clinics throughout the Middle East and Australia to provide fast, accurate, and efficient PGS services.

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