Creating a new standard in IVF

PGS for Health Care Professionals

We’re committed to improving the IVF process through chromosome screening. We believe making informed choices about a family’s reproductive health starts with preimplantation genetic screening. PGS may help patients gain better outcomes and aims to reshape the IVF process as we know it.

With multiple scientific publications from key leaders in the field, we’ve proven the strength and reliability of our technology for chromosome screening and are dedicated to providing both education and resources to improve patient access.

The Benefits of Chromosome Screening

Getting Started with IVF

Samples are biopsied locally at the IVF clinic.

Chromosome screening is performed at a specialized genetic testing laboratory.

Couples do not need to travel to the testing site, but can be kept informed by their chosen IVF clinic.


For more information about requesting PGS for chromosome screening, contact your local reference lab.

Illumina is committed to providing comprehensive solutions and to being a trusted partner to our customers across the reproductive health continuum. PGS and PGD solutions are at the forefront of this continuum and we aim to reshape the IVF process as we know it. With a world-class community of users, Illumina is a leader in the industry, driving the evolution of innovative applications of genetic technology in reproductive health.

The Illumina Difference

From library prep, arrays, and sequencing to informatics, Illumina next-generation solutions empower researchers and clinicians across the globe to find the answers they seek.

We’re here with all the resources you need to accelerate progress. In addition to onsite training, ongoing support, and phone consults, we offer webinars and courses around the world.

world-class solutions and a community of support
Medical Genetics Education

We are committed to providing health care professionals with accurate, unbiased, and balanced information for medical genetics education. Learn the basics and find resources about incorporating medical genetics into clinical practice.

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Medical Genetics
STAR Trial Overview

Learn about a randomized controlled trial comparing pregnancy rates following VeriSeq PGS versus standard morphology for elective single embryo transfer.

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Patient Counseling Guide for Reproductive Genetics

Visual aids for patient discussions about reproductive genetic concepts such as PGS and NIPT.

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PGS Infographic

See vital statistics around increasing successful pregnancies.

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PGS Patient Brochure

Share this brochure with your patients to educate them about PGS and how it can improve IVF success rates.

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Preimplantation Genetics Technology

An overview of recent publications featuring Illumina solutions for preimplantation genetics technology.

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