ScriptSeq Complete Kit (Human/Mouse/Rat) (to be discontinued)

These kits combine powerful ribosomal RNA depletion technology with rapid sequencing library preparation, for as little as 1 µg total RNA.Read More...

ScriptSeq Complete Kit (H/M/R) 6 reactions


ScriptSeq Complete Kit (H/M/R) 24 reactions



ScriptSeq Complete Gold Kit (H/M/R) 6 reactions


ScriptSeq Complete Gold Kit (H/M/R) 24 reactions



ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Set 1)


ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Set 2)


ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Set 3)


ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Set 4)


ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Sets 1-4)


Product Highlights

  • Fast: One-day RNA-Seq library preparation from total RNA, including FFPE RNA.
  • Stranded RNA-Seq: Typically containing <3% rRNA reads.
  • Use as little as 1 µg of total RNA.
  • Barcode/index-compatible: ScriptSeq index primers available separately for preparing barcoded libraries
  • Illumina-compatible: Single-read, paired-end and index sequencing on Illumina sequencers.

The ScriptSeq Complete kits combine powerful Ribo-Zero ribosomal RNA (rRNA) removal technology and the rapid ScriptSeq v2 procedure for seamless, end-to-end preparation of RNA-Seq libraries in 1 day. The kits enable processing of either high input (1-5 μg) or low input (100 ng to 1 μg) total RNA samples with a minor protocol modification.

The ScriptSeq Complete Kit includes Ribo-Zero reagents for removal of cytoplasmic (nuclear-encoded) rRNAs. The ScriptSeq Complete Gold Kit includes Ribo-Zero Gold reagents for removal of both cytoplasmic and mitochondrial rRNAs.

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rRNA Types Removed

ScriptSeq Complete Gold (H/M/R) depletes both mitochondrial and cytoplasmic rRNA
Kit and Input Type Total RNA Input Removes mitochondrial rRNA Removes cytoplasmic rRNA
ScriptSeq Complete Gold with high RNA input   1-5 µg
ScriptSeq Complete with high RNA input 1-5 µg  

The ScriptSeq Complete Gold (H/M/R) formulation depletes mitochondrial rRNA and cytoplasmic rRNA, providing deeper sequencing coverage.

The low input versions of this kit (catalog numbers SCL6G, SCL24G, SCL6H, and SCL24H) have been discontinued. The standard kit versions can process low input RNA with a minor protocol modification.