TruSight Tumor 170

同一FFPEサンプル中のDNAおよびRNAの変異をターゲットとする包括的な次世代シーケンスアッセイ。

TruSight Tumor 170 Kit, For Use with NextSeq plus Watson for Genomics



TruSight Tumor 170 Kit plus Watson for Genomics



TruSight Tumor 170 Kit, With NextSeq v2.5 Reagents (24 Samples)



TruSight Tumor 170 Kit, For Use with NextSeq (24 Samples)



TruSight Tumor 170 Kit (24 Samples)



Product Highlights

一般的な固形がんと関連する170遺伝子をカバーするようにデザインされた次世代シーケンサーアッセイであるTruSight Tumor 170は、DNAとRNAを同時に解析できる濃縮ベースのターゲットパネルであり、幅広い範囲の遺伝子や変異型をカバーしています。この包括的なパネルにより、がんの遺伝学的洞察を深めることができます。

  • がん関連変異の包括的なカバレッジ
  • 低品質サンプルから精確な結果1
    わずか40 ngのDNAおよびRNAから5%の変異アリル頻度の変異を検出でき、貴重なホルマリン固定パラフィン包埋(FFPE)サンプルから最大限の結果が得られます。
  • 効率的な統合ワークフロー

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装置 推奨サンプル数 リード長
NextSeq 550 System Samples per run (high output): 16 (8 DNA + 8 RNA), 10 if DNA only, 16 if RNA only 2 × 101 bp (max recommended)
HiSeq 2500 System Samples per run (rapid run): 12 (6 DNA + 6 RNA), 6 if DNA only, 12 if RNA only 2 × 101 bp (max recommended)

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Case Studies

Accurate Identification of Cancer Biomarkers Paves the Way for Personalized Medicine

TruSight Tumor 170 Panel enables translational researchers to seek answers to multiple questions in one assay.

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Scientific Posters

AACR 2017: TruSight Tumor 170 and Solid Tumor Profiling Analytical Performance with FFPE Samples

Standard extractions from FFPE embedded samples provide sufficient material (40ng) in >95% of samples that were extracted by Illumina. This data shows that the TruSight Tumor 170 panel is a robust assay that generates passing sample QC data in >85% of samples with varying quality, and in >95% of samples that have quality metrics that fall within the recommendations for the kit.

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AACR 2017: TruSight Tumor 170 for Small Nucleotide Variations and Gene Amplifications in FFPE DNA Samples

TruSight Tumor 170 can achieve high sensitivity and specificity for the detection of somatic variants (small variants and CNVs) from DNA extracted from FFPE tissues.

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AACR 2017: TruSight Tumor 170 for Fusions and Splice Variants in FFPE RNA Tumor Samples

Through examining limit of detection in the context of RNA expression, this study shows that TruSight Tumor 170 provides high sensitivity and specificity in RNA variant calling down to 5 copies of transcript per ng of input.

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  1. Beta study. Data on file. March 2017.